Wyndham Clark Reveals Reasons for Rejecting LIV Golf and Influential Figures

"I just grew up always imagining winning PGA Tour events. So, ultimately, I chose my legacy over LIV."- Clark said.

by Sead Dedovic
Wyndham Clark Reveals Reasons for Rejecting LIV Golf and Influential Figures
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LIV Golf executives have successfully attracted some of the best golfers from the PGA Tour. The arrival of Jon Rahm was probably the best move by LIV Golf leaders. It seemed like many would follow in his footsteps. 

Nevertheless, loyalty still exists in the golf world. The best example of this is Wyndham Clark. This brilliant golfer had been linked to LIV Golf in the past few months. 

Many thought Clark would go down the same path as Jon Rahm. This 30-year-old golfer decided to say NO!

Speaking to the media, Clark confirmed that he had conversations with the leading figures at LIV Golf. He wanted to see what they were offering. However, such an offer failed to change Clark's mind.

"Yeah, there’s definitely some truth. I definitely met with LIV and went through those discussions. I wanted to see what they could bring to the table.

I ultimately declined going to LIV because I felt like I still have a lot of things left in the tank on the PGA Tour and I wanted to chase records, I wanted to chase world ranking. My dream is to try to be one of the top players in the world, if not the top player."- Clark said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Even as a child, he dreamed of becoming part of the PGA Tour and having the opportunity to play with the best in golf. Clark managed to fulfill his dream. 

Moving to a different tour would certainly be disappointing for the young golfer who dedicated himself to playing alongside legends like Woods and others. Clark doesn't want to guarantee that he might not make different decisions in the future. However, his focus this season is on the PGA Tour and winning events. Just a few days ago, Wyndham successfully won the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. This confirms that he made a great decision, and his future on the PGA Tour could be even brighter.

"I just grew up always imagining winning PGA Tour events. So, ultimately, I chose my legacy over LIV, and that’s really what it came down to. You know, I don’t know what the future holds with my career and what the PGA Tour and LIV is going to do, but at least for this season I am 100% set on the PGA Tour, and I want to try to get to as high in the world as I possibly can."

Wyndham Clark: I wanted to make sure I did all the right things and call the right people

Clark was honest and admitted that he had to carefully consider his decision. Although he didn't mention it, the financial offer from LIV Golf was certainly excellent. It was challenging for individuals to resist such offers and chances to earn immense wealth. On the other hand, Wyndham questioned his future on both Tours. However, advice from key figures on the PGA Tour influenced Clark to remain part of the PGA Tour. He is especially grateful to Adam Scott, Patrick Cantlay, Jordan Spieth, and Tiger Woods.

Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods
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"I did my due diligence. I felt like if I was going to make a life-changing decision, I wanted to make sure I did all the right things and call the right people, get the right information, understand what both tours are doing, what I should do, et cetera.

I honestly have to give a huge hats off to Adam Scott, Patrick Cantlay and Jordan Spieth because they have put so much effort -- and Tiger Woods, sorry, and Tiger Woods, please put that in there. They put so much effort in making sure that the PGA Tour is going to make the right moves to continue to try to be the best tour. And they also really gave me some great advice and some counsel."

Wyndham Clark explained that he asked for advice from experienced individuals but made his decision on his own. He appreciated their insights and recognized the significant effort they put into shaping the future of the PGA Tour through the agreement with SSG.  The collaboration between SSG and the PGA Tour is surely a positive sign that the PGA Tour can finally regain dominance and get back on the right track. Although not explicitly stated as the main reason, golf fans believe that Clark decided to stay with the PGA Tour precisely because of this deal. There are rumors that several other individuals have also chosen to remain part of the PGA Tour due to such a deal.

After seeking guidance from different sources and discussing with his team, Clark chose to stay on the PGA Tour.

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