Golf analyst happy with Joaquin Niemann's victory but puzzled by OWGR's decisions

Foltz is worried that Major championships might lose their importance

by Sead Dedovic
Golf analyst happy with Joaquin Niemann's victory but puzzled by OWGR's decisions
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Joaquin Niemann won a big golf tournament called LIV Golf Mayakoba. Golf fans are talking a lot about it. 

The young player from Chile did really well and seemed like he would win right from the start. Niemann showed that he can handle important moments, and this win is a big boost for him before facing more challenges. 

Playing in Major tournaments is a dream for him. However, there's a concern because LIV Golf doesn't get ranking points. In an interview after the tournament, when reporter said he's one of the best players, Niemann said, "But I'm not in the Majors!" 

This shows what he's mainly focused on right now. An analyst named Jerry Foltz is super impressed with Niemann's play and thinks this win proves that Joaquin is doing things right.

"He felt like he had a point to prove this week. He is one of the best players in the world, there's not a single person who laces up their golf shoes for a living who doesn't believe he is one of the best players in the world."- Jerry Foltz said, as quoted by

Foltz is wondering if it's fair for the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) to do what they're doing. The leaders of LIV Golf promised their players they would get ranking points, but it's not happening as easily as they thought. The people in charge of OWGR are sticking to their decision and still believe that LIV Golf shouldn't get ranking points. Their positions were clear from the first day, and they have no intention of changing them anytime soon.

"The rankings that don't answer to the organizing bodies that control the political bargaining chip that is the OWGR - they all would have him in the Major championships through legitimate rankings.

Now, the win at the Australian Open gets him into the Open Championship, but that'd be the only one, and it's really a shame."

Foltz is worried that Major championships might lose their importance. He thinks that if these events don't stick to the tradition of bringing together the best players from around the world, they could become less meaningful. Foltz says that relying on a world ranking system with political influence might affect how we see the history of these championships. This is also the biggest fear of golf fans: Watching big competitions without the best names. The Majors will lose the charm and spark they once had. The PGA Tour-PIF deal is currently one of the only ways to see the best golfers again at the biggest tournaments. Given that the original deadline for the agreement was December 31, golf fans are not optimistic that the agreement will finally be reached. In addition, the SSG and PGA Tour deal could be the reason why the PGA Tour will withdraw from further negotiations with the PIF, but now it is only based on assumptions, and we cannot be sure about such things.

But Foltz has an idea to fix this. He suggests creating a new category with a fair ranking system and adding it to the current system. This way, he believes we can keep the historical importance of Major championships.

Foltz is someone with a clear vision who understands golf well as a sport. However, neither Foltz nor anyone else at this moment can predict with certainty what the future holds. Two years ago, probably none of the golf fans would have expected such an outcome and chaos on the golf scene.

Peter Dawson rejected LIV Golf's proposal in October 2023

In October of last year, OWGR chairman Peter Dawson rejected LIV Golf's proposal to reward them with ranking points. However, OWGR was once again clear in rejecting their proposal. This caused anger and frustration among LIV Golf leaders and players. It was expected that LIV Golf would have the same conditions as the PGA Tour.

“The Board Committee met recently to again review your OWGR submission in light of your latest responses to the Committee’s questions and concerns. At the meeting, the Board Committee unanimously determined that at this time the LIV Tour will not be recognised as an Eligible Golf Tour in the OWGR system.”

Who knows what the future may bring and whether LIV Golf will have a different fate. The key figures of OWGR will once again decide this. This situation suits the PGA Tour, especially after the deal with SSG. PGA Tour players are hopeful that their Tour will dominate for years to come. On the other hand, leaders of LIV Golf still hold hope that they will be rewarded with ranking points in the near future.