Jessica Korda, the secrets of a new mother

Jessica shared details on how golfers manage their travel and personal expenses during tournaments

by Andrea Gussoni
Jessica Korda, the secrets of a new mother
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In the world of professional golf, a player's life is revealed from the inside through an interesting dialogue that took place on the Instagram page of Jessica Korda, a famous American golfer with six career victories on the Tour.

Jessica shared details on how golfers manage their travel and personal expenses during tournaments. On Saturday 3 February she became a mother: Greyson John DelPrete was born.

Jessica Korda, statements

One of the common questions is whether players have to pay full flight costs or whether there are tournaments where everything is organized for them.

Jessica explains that unless they are playing in Asia, where sponsors arrange flights and accommodation, players must book and pay for their travel. This also applies to caddies. On the expense front, Jessica reveals that there are no refunds for flights, accommodation or rental cars.

Female players have to cover these expenses themselves, with rental cars being particularly expensive. Even if they don't make the cut in a tournament, they still have to cover weekly expenses for a caddy and physical therapist.

Interestingly, female golfers plan their trips with the possibility of making the cut in a tournament in mind. They don't enter with the idea of not making the cut, but they try to be prepared for the entire duration of the tournament.

The issue of jet lag is a reality that players have to deal with, but Jessica suggests that it's something you get used to. The trick is to try to maintain a similar nightly routine and acclimatise before the tournament, arriving on site a few days before it starts.

Finally, regarding the possibility of visiting the state or city hosting the tournament, Jessica admits that this happens very rarely. The priority is to focus on your work and preparation for the tournament, so opportunities to explore new locations are limited.

The life of a professional golfer is truly centered on the golf course, with little pause for tourism. She was born in Bradenton, a city in the county of Manatee, into a family of sportsmen: she is the eldest daughter of Czech tennis players Petr Korda and Regina Rajchrtová, and therefore sister of Nelly, also a golfer, and of Sebastian, son of art.