Tyrrell Hatton on Ryder Cup: Can't rely on my reputation like Jon Rahm

“Jon’s in a different position to me - you can’t really imagine the European Ryder Cup team without Jon.”

by Sead Dedovic
Tyrrell Hatton on Ryder Cup: Can't rely on my reputation like Jon Rahm
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Tyrrell Hatton has potentially scuppered his plans to play in next year's Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black with his decision to join LIV Golf. 

Hatton impressed golf fans with his performance in Rome last year. 

Although many did not expect that Tyrrell could be the individual who would make a difference, his performances were truly phenomenal. Hatton was a key player for his team and helped the Europeans lift the trophy. 

Next year, the challenge will be even greater, given how difficult it is to win on away soil in the Ryder Cup. 

Hatton is still unsure about his position. Looking at the current rules, Hatton will not be eligible to play, but a lot can change by next year. 

Probably the best golfer at the moment, Jon Rahm, also became a member of LIV Golf. His absence would be a big setback to the Europeans. Hatton, however, believes that the Spaniard will play in the Ryder Cup given his status and qualities.

“Jon’s in a different position to me - you can’t really imagine the European Ryder Cup team without Jon.”- Hatton said, as quoted by  The Telegraph!

Rory McIlroy, who always supports the PGA Tour and used to criticize LIV Golf, has changed his opinions about LIV. The Northern Irishman stressed that he made a mistake when he criticized LIV Golf and the golfers who became part of that Tour. McIlroy asked the governing golf bodies to change the rules so that Jon Rahm could play in the Ryder Cup. 

This speaks volumes for how important Rahm is to the European team. In addition, McIlroy believes that individuals who have become part of LIV Golf have the right to return to the PGA Tour and be welcomed with open arms. 

Rory McIlroy and Tyrrell Hatton
Rory McIlroy and Tyrrell Hatton© Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

Hatton reacted to McIlroy's statements. Tyrrell feels he doesn't have the reputation Jon Rahm has. Hatton is undervaluing himself when discussing Rahm. Hatton emphasizes that at this moment he cannot rely on his reputation.

 “It’s nice to hear your team-mates say nice things about you and your contribution but when you talk about the Ryder Cup ‘certainties’ or whatever, in my own mind, I don’t feel that I’m up there in that bracket with those guys. I’m sorry, I’m just not and can’t rely on my reputation.”- he continued.

Opting to become a part of LIV Golf is certainly not an easy decision. Aware that he could lose a lot if he decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf, Hatton had dilemmas. Realizing the importance of advice from experienced colleagues, he sought to understand the potential future path of golf.

Tyrrell Hatton on colleagues' reactions to the decision to join LIV Golf

Hatton appears to have a belief deep down that the future might bring certain changes, securing his spot in the Ryder Cup. The executives at LIV Golf presented him with a big contract, and rejecting such an offer posed a challenge for Hatton.

”I spoke to Rory, Luke and others, figures who I really respect and whose opinions I wanted to take on board, to see about where things might be going in the game. Of course, they couldn’t give me any assurances, because nobody can, but their opinions were valuable.”

Many PGA Tour players have changed their stance in the last few months. Although they initially criticized their colleagues who followed the same path, they realized that they could not influence their decisions. Jon Rahm's departure seems to have caused the most reactions and at the same time changed the attitude of many golfers.

Each of them had a certain motive, and we don't have to talk about the main motive. Hatton confirmed that his decision did not provoke anger from colleagues. They were even supportive when they learned that Hatton was joining LIV Golf. Such a fact speaks in favor of PGA Tour players changing their attitudes and accepting that LIV Golf is there.

“Luke can only control what he can control and he’s right when saying there are consequences for actions. But he has been supportive. They all have. I’m still on the team’s WhatsApp and haven’t felt any bitterness. Nobody has judged me.”

Hatton is motivated at this point primarily to adapt to the new Tour and understand the way things work. He will need a certain period of adaptation. 

Given his qualities and experience, there is no doubt that Hatton will grasp the basics in no time. LIV Golf managed to attract many quality players. Hatton wants to make great results in the future. His next challenge will be a tournament in Las Vegas that starts tomorrow.

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