Justin Thomas disagrees with Rory McIlroy regarding LIV Golfers!

"I would say that there's a handful of players on LIV that would make the [PGA Tour] a better place, but..."- Thomas said.

by Sead Dedovic
Justin Thomas disagrees with Rory McIlroy regarding LIV Golfers!
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PGA Tour players are currently divided about their colleagues at LIV Golf. LIV Golf executives managed to attract a large number of PGA Tour players and give them a chance.  Some have firmly pledged their allegiance to the PGA Tour and emphasized that they will remain a part of this Tour. However, in just a few weeks, the decision was changed. This is one of the reasons why many have trouble believing the statements of golfers at this time.

Initially, everyone opposed LIV Golf and strongly criticized the tour, but there has been a significant shift in opinion.

The person who has criticized LIV Golf the most, Rory McIlroy, is one of the first to change his mind. The Northern Irishman emphasized that after everything, his only desire is to watch the best golfers in one place. 

Rory wants to feel peace on the golf scene after the conflict that has been going on for a long time. 

His colleagues do not share the same opinion. 

Each of them has a specific attitude, which is different from the others. 

The great star of the PGA Tour, Justin Thomas has slightly different views than McIlroy. This great golfer believes that individuals from LIV Golf have the right to return, but that they should feel at least some of the consequences of their decisions. Thomas believes that such a decision must have consequences.

"I'm not necessarily super adamant one way or the other. I want the best product and the best players.

I would say that there's a handful of players on LIV that would make the [PGA Tour] a better place, but I'm definitely not in the agreement that they should just be able to come back that easily."- Justin Thomas said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

When you have such financial offers, then your loyalty is tested. Many failed to pass that test. They took the path that would provide them with money. 

Speaking about their motives, they mostly emphasized that they were delighted by the product. Some even admitted that money was the main motive for coming to LIV Golf. 

Justin Thomas emphasized that individuals who were loyal to the PGA Tour and stayed there would have to be treated differently than LIV Golfers who are aiming to return. Although all of them could have made the same decision, many of them tended more towards tradition and prestige than money.

"I think there's a lot of us that made sacrifices and were very -- whether it's true to our word or what we believe in or just didn't make that decision, and I totally understand that things are changing and things are getting better, but it just would -- I would have a hard time with it, and I think a lot of guys would have a hard time with it, and I'm sure we don't need to convince you why we would have a hard time with it."

Justin Thomas believes that the scenario of returning individuals to the PGA Tour is realistic. He still doesn't know when that will happen, but he seems to firmly believe in it.

"I think there's a scenario somewhere, whatever it is, down the road of some kind of version of some guys being back, but when and what that is, I have no idea."- Thomas concluded.

Time will tell whether Thomas is right or not. One thing is certain; He showed loyalty when many went for money.

Rory McIlroy wants unity on the golf scene

Rory McIlroy changed his mind about golf. He now believes that players who left one golf tour (LIV Tour) to come back to the main one (PGA Tour) shouldn't be punished. He thinks everyone should work together and make golf stronger. McIlroy wants all the players to play together to make golf more exciting. 

Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy
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There is a fear in the golf world that this sport will lose its charm and excitement factor if the situation remains like this. The divisions that have emerged are the reason why many have cooled off from golf and hope that unification will occur in the future. 

One of the options is definitely a merger between the PGA Tour and PIF. Nevertheless, the negotiations have been going on for a long time, still without success. 

It is not known what is holding up the negotiations, and whether a final deal will be reached soon. A lot has changed in a short time. Just two years ago, we were watching the best golfers in one place, not realizing that in a short period, complete chaos would ensue.

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