Scottie Scheffler: Return of LIV Golfers Shouldn't Be 'Like Nothing Ever Happened'

"I think there’s a different level of player that left. You had some guys that left our tour and then sued our tour. That wasn't really in great taste."- Scheffler said.

by Sead Dedovic
Scottie Scheffler: Return of LIV Golfers Shouldn't Be 'Like Nothing Ever Happened'
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There is growing talk about the possible return of LIV Golfers to the PGA Tour. While some are against this option, others believe that former PGA Tour players should be welcomed back. Rory McIlroy surprised everyone by supporting this idea. The Northern Irishman stressed that, at this moment, the most important thing is ending the division in the golf scene and allowing LIV Golfers to return peacefully to the PGA Tour. 

However, not all his colleagues share the same view. Scottie Scheffler is one of those who commented on the potential return of LIV Golfers to the PGA Tour.

While it may be good for the overall goal, Scheffler believes that individuals still have to face consequences for their decisions. He recognizes that each player had a different reason for leaving the PGA Tour, and this should also be considered.

"I think there’s a different level of player that left. You had some guys that left our tour and then sued our tour. That wasn't really in great taste.

Then you had some other guys that just left and they wanted to do something different. Everybody made their own decision and I have no bad blood towards the guys that left. But a path towards coming back, I think it wouldn't be a very popular decision, I think, if they just came back like nothing ever happened.

I think there should be a pathway back for them, but they definitely shouldn't be able to come back without any sort of contribution to the tour, if that makes sense."- Scheffler told Golf Channel.

Scottie Scheffler, along with a significant number of golf fans, believes that there should be consequences for those who choose not to be loyal. Despite great financial offers, many PGA Tour players opted to remain loyal as a way of expressing gratitude to the PGA Tour for the opportunities it provided. 

Each of them built a career on the PGA Tour, established their name, and achieved success. 

However, for some, loyalty seems unfamiliar, as they had other motives. 

LIV Golf presented lucrative offers that some golfers found hard to resist. Due to these reasons, Scottie emphasizes the necessity of making the return process more challenging for individuals who wish to come back. The PGA Tour's plans regarding this option remain to be seen. It is certain, however, that the loyalty of individuals should be respected at this time.

“I’m not really sure what that is, but there should be something. I think that’s going to be the opinion of most of the players that stayed.

We remained loyal to a tour, a tour that was loyal to us. I built my entire career here on the PGA Tour and I wasn't willing to leave it. I dreamt of playing on this tour. Some of the guys that left, maybe that wasn't for them. 

But I think that if they want a pathway back, there should be one, but it definitely shouldn't just be coming back in the first week they want to come back and play.

There should be some sort of caveat to them getting back on our tour."

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas' view

It will be interesting to hear the opinions of other PGA Tour players.

Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth© Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Sport

As Jordan Spieth pointed out a few days ago, many of them have a divided opinion regarding the return of the LIV Golfer. Since the creation of LIV Golf, it has been felt how much intolerance there is on the part of PGA Tour players towards LIV Golfers. However, it is easy to understand why this is so.

Spieth does not want to go deeper into this topic. For him, the most important thing at the moment is that the PGA Tour signed a deal with SSG, which will also mean a huge financial injection for both the Tour and the players.

Justin Thomas has almost the same thinking as Scottie Scheffler. The LIV Golfer's return to the PGA Tour should not be an easy thing if one is to guess from his words. Each of them must feel certain consequences of their decisions. Thomas firmly believes that the future could indeed bring such stories. He believes that LIV Golfers will return to the PGA Tour, but whether they will feel any consequences of their decisions remains to be seen.

Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas© Logan Whitton / Getty Images Sport

The future of golf is uncertain, it must be acknowledged. From month to month, we see changes that few expect. The same could happen in the coming months. 

Whether the PGA Tour and PIF will reach a final deal, and influence the unification of the golf scene, is difficult to predict. We hope that golf will become what we want it to be.

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