Jose Maria Olazabal Addresses Consequences of LIV Golf Choices

Jose Maria Olazabal, the legendary golfer, shared thoughts on Jon Rahm's chances to play in the next Ryder Cup

by Sead Dedovic
Jose Maria Olazabal Addresses Consequences of LIV Golf Choices
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After Jon Rahm joined LIV Golf, rumors circulated about whether the Spaniard would participate in the upcoming Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black. The existing rules are somewhat unusual, making it challenging to predict Rahm's potential contribution to the European team in 2025. 

Presently, European players aligning with LIV Golf aren't automatically excluded from the Ryder Cup but may face significant fines and multi-tournament bans, leading some to consider resigning their tour cards to avoid further penalties. However, this decision would render them ineligible for the Ryder Cup.

Questions arise about whether Jon Rahm would agree to join the team under such conditions. Alternatively, the PIF-PGA Tour deal presents an option. If a final agreement is reached, it might result in substantial rule changes, potentially allowing LIV Golfers to represent the European team in the next Ryder Cup.

The ongoing changes may instill optimism in Rahm and his peers who have taken a similar path. In the coming period, it is certain that more innovations and changes will emerge, potentially easing Rahm's journey to the Ryder Cup team.

The support from Rory McIlroy, one of the current top golfers, undoubtedly works in Rahm's favor. McIlroy's influence could play a crucial role if golf governing bodies consider altering the rules, enabling the Spaniard to participate.

Jose Maria Olazabal, the legendary golfer, shared thoughts on Jon Rahm's chances to play in the next Ryder Cup. While he respects those at LIV Golf, Olazabal believes they understood the consequences of their decision and must accept the current circumstances. He also emphasized the possibility of future talents like Ludvig Aberg and Nicolai Højgaard emerging.

“I respect everyone who has gone to LIV Golf.

The other part that bothers me is that if you make a decision, it must have consequences. You can’t expect to have the same rights as PGA Tour and DP World Tour players.

As for changing the rules for Ryder Cup Europe… I don’t know what to tell you. If you miss players like Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton, you could be left n* for one or two Ryder Cups. And? What if you suddenly get three Ludvig Abergs, the Hjogaard [twins]? Turns out we might be able to compete.”- Olazabal said, as quoted by The Telegraph.

Jon Rahm and Jose Maria Olazabal
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Jon Rahm is evidently optimistic that he will meet the minimum requirement of participating in four regular DP World Tour events in 2024 to avoid any significant penalties. The Spaniard is prepared to compete in multiple events to achieve this objective. It will be exciting to witness Jon Rahm in action during the DP World Tour tournaments. Given the expectations he holds for this season, we have no doubt that he will achieve success.

"With the DP World Tour, we’ve seen examples of people playing events – that’s definitely a possibility [I can do it]. If allowed, I would love to play the Spanish Open.. and if I qualify, I’d still love to go play in Dubai, in the DP World Tour Championship. There’s certainly events I would like to play.”- Jon Rahm said.

Jon Rahm and his decision to join LIV Golf

His decision to join LIV Golf caused a great deal of outrage. The Spaniard didn't look like the type of player to let the PGA Tour down, especially considering the status he had at the time he left the PGA Tour.

Jon Rahm explained why he joined LIV Golf on's 'Breakthrough,' saying it was important to make sure his family has enough money. He noticed things were changing in golf, and there were disagreements, so he decided to look for reasons beyond just getting paid more.

Jay Monahan, and the rest of the PGA Tour leadership, have disappointed many, given their lack of involvement in some key PGA Tour decisions. However, some question whether this is just an excuse for individuals to join LIV Golf or if they are really frustrated with the behavior of PGA Tour officials.

Rahm pointed out two main reasons for his decision: the way things were changing in golf and the disagreements happening at that time. He wanted reasons beyond just getting more money.

He also talked about how getting a lot of money can change how you feel about things. While he admitted that money was part of the reason, he also mentioned that he wants to take care of his family and make sure they are successful, especially now that he has kids. 

Judging by the first LIV Golf event in which he participated, Rahm is happy with the reception from the fans and the conditions prevailing at LIV Golf. Rahm seems to be living the dream. Possibly playing at the Ryder Cup in 2025 would certainly be the last step to fulfilling all wishes at this moment.

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