SSG Investment in PGA Tour: Max Homa's Expectations and Insights

"I would imagine they want to make their money back and then some."- Hoa said

by Sead Dedovic
SSG Investment in PGA Tour: Max Homa's Expectations and Insights
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Max Homa talked about the deal with SSG in an interview with the media. Namely, after the PGA Tour made an agreement with SSG, which will also see a huge financial injection for this Tour, many expressed optimism about the future of the PGA Tour. 

Considering the problems they have been facing for a long time, something like this was necessary for the PGA Tour. Max Homa, a popular golfer, commented on this deal and expressed his delight regarding the agreement reached. 

Homa expects SSG to invest a huge amount of money. However, that is not the only thing that Max expects. He expects that SSG will influence the popularity of golf and arouse the interest of fans.

"My general point is I feel like that the communication or the things being taken from news in golf now always highlights the money that we're making, and I can guarantee that SSG didn't come in to give us a bunch of money just for fun," said Homa, as reported by

Although Homa is not a business expert, he logically believes that SSG will attempt to recoup the money they invested. The only way they can achieve this is to increase the popularity of the PGA Tour and golf. 

This will automatically bring more money into their hand, and both parties will profit in various ways. Homa believes that no one will invest money without reason. Fans can be happy about the fact that both sides: PGA Tour and SSG will do everything to make golf progress.

"I would imagine they want to make their money back and then some. I would say one avenue would be to entertain the fans so that we have more fans while keeping the ones that we've got at the moment and making money that way. That's just how I see it.

I don't know enough about the business, but I don't see how you could do all that by not improving the product and tailoring it to people watching. That's just how I see most sports going."

Homa really likes a golf tournament in Phoenix called the WM Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale. He thinks it's great because of this famous hole, the 16th, with a huge stadium. The tournament isn't just about golf; it's also about having a good time with lots of music and fun stuff.

Homa suggests that this event could be a good idea for SSG to try, so more people become fans of golf. But, he says it might be tricky because the success of the Phoenix Open is tied to how special the Scottsdale area is.

Homa mentions other golf tournaments that tried similar things, like the Rocket Mortgage and LIV Tour, but he thinks it won't work everywhere. Golf is an interesting sport, and sometimes when you have high expectations, things don't turn out the way you thought they would.

Max Homa and his expectations

Max says the city's culture is a big part of why the Phoenix Open is so awesome, and without that, it might not be as successful. So, he's not sure if it would work as well if they tried it in a different place.

Recently, more and more emphasis has been placed on the fact that golf is mostly followed by older people and that younger people have less and less interest in sports in general, including golf. The goal of golf leaders is to attract the attention of younger fans and thus ensure that this sport will continue to be popular in the future.

Homa wants to make golf more interesting for younger people, but he admits it's not easy in every place the PGA Tour goes. He says that some cities, like Los Angeles, don't have many young people in certain areas, especially if their parents aren't really successful.

Max Homa
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For example, he mentions that going to places like Pacific Palisades in LA can be tough because it's not a great area for creating a fun and lively atmosphere. Homa thinks it's a good idea to try to make golf events exciting like the one in Scottsdale, but he understands it might not work everywhere. It is difficult to predict where you can expect interest from fans, especially younger ones.

Even though organizing these events can be expensive, Homa believes it's a worthwhile investment because it could bring in more fans and make golf more appealing to a younger crowd. We'll see what the PGA Tour has in mind at this point.

Homa emphasizes that it is difficult to expect extremely favorable results at this time. However, if golf and tournaments attract the attention of at least some people, it will be a positive thing.

"I'm just not sure it would be something that people would want to venture down. But it is fun to at least have this event with this demographic that at the very least is bringing eyeballs to younger people that this is at least something, and maybe if just a couple people grab on to that and say, I really like golf now, that's a success to me."

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