Adrian Meronk: I would probably not have come to LIV if I had played in the Ryder Cup

"What happened definitely made my choice easier."- Meronk said.

by Sead Dedovic
Adrian Meronk: I would probably not have come to LIV if I had played in the Ryder Cup
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Adrian Meronk decided to join LIV Golf because he was disappointed about not being chosen for the Ryder Cup. Before the Ryder Cup started, many people thought Meronk would be one of Luke Donald's picks. Even Meronk himself expected it. 

However, when the European team captain made unexpected choices, leaving Meronk out, it was a big surprise. Despite being in great form and drawing a lot of attention, he was not part of Donald's plans. 

This decision caused Meronk a lot of anger and frustration, especially since the European team ended up winning the Ryder Cup. Feeling he needed to prioritize his career, Meronk decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf.

Adrian Meronk felt a mix of emotions when he wasn't chosen as a wildcard for the Ryder Cup. At first, he was shocked, then he felt sad and angry. Now, he's using these feelings as motivation for future events. Meronk thought he would be on the team, especially after expecting a call due to his recent good performances. The unexpected news left him surprised and added more emotions to his experience.

Adrian Meronk recognized that he needed to prioritize himself and his family.

"Ï don't know, but I would probably not have come to LIV if I had played in the Ryder Cup.

What happened definitely made my choice easier. You know, what I went through just made it easier to care more about myself and not care what other people think of me, or what other people want me to do."- he said, as quoted by golfmagic.

Being a professional athlete comes with its fair share of challenges, and sometimes things might not seem fair. Adrian Meronk recently went through a situation where he felt the consequences of unfairness. Despite the difficulties, this experience has helped him gain a better understanding of how sports and life operate.

‌"What happened with the Ryder Cup just opened my eyes as to how everything works.

Yeah, and that in life, especially when you are a professional athlete, it is not your whole life. You just have to make sure that your family is good and that you are good and feeling good."

A few weeks after learning that he would not be part of Donald's plans, Luke Donald emphasized that he understood the decision of the captain of the European teams. On the other hand, one could feel his disappointment.

Luke Donald
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Being a captain is not easy. Your decisions are monitored, and there will always be those who are dissatisfied. Meronk still thinks he deserves a spot on the team.

“I heard from him [Luke Donald] that it was tough for him as well but to be honest when he said I’m not going I kind of stopped listening. He was saying that someone has to stay home, it was close and stuff like that. I wouldn’t want to be in his position, but it was a big shock."

Adrian Meronk explains his decision to join LIV Golf: Money wasn't the only motive

Adrian Meronk mentioned that he lost motivation for golf during a certain period. Some people might think his decision to join LIV Golf is all about money, but Meronk insists there's more to it.  Meronk was not the only individual to reveal additional reasons for leaving the PGA Tour. This could be an important motive for PGA Tour leaders to correct the mistakes they made previously and thus save key players.

He explained that despite having successful years, he wasn't enjoying it as much. Constantly being on the road, moving from one hotel to another and from airport to airport, took away the joy of the game. He shared a moment during Christmas with his parents and girlfriend, realizing that even though he had a great year, he didn't truly enjoy it. 

Golf is a fast sport, in which you have to work hard day in and day out and think about the next challenges ahead. In those moments, you feel tired, sometimes a loss of motivation, but the only thing you are aware of is that you must remain constant.

Thinking back to his win in Italy the previous May, Meronk admitted that the happiness of winning faded quickly as he had to immediately prepare for new challenges. Joining LIV Golf, for him, means having more time to enjoy life with his family and friends, prioritizing joy and balance over the constant travel and competition.

Many LIV Golfers consider this to be a huge advantage of this Tour. Having more free time is an important thing for all golfers, especially for older ones.

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