Golfers with disabilities and their Ryder Cup


Golfers with disabilities and their Ryder Cup
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Golfers with disabilities also have their own version of the Ryder Cup: the Cairns Cup. The rules are quite similar to the traditional Ryder Cup, with Team USA facing off against Team Europe every two years. The 2022 edition was held at The Shire London, with Team USA securing a resounding victory of 21 to 3.

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The 2024 edition will be played in Michigan, USA, at the Cherry Creek Golf Club in Detroit from July 27th to August 3rd. For the first time, the teams will be led by two women: Kim Moore for the USA and Tineke Loogman for Europe.

Kim Moore is a PGA professional and has been the coach of the women's golf team at Western Michigan University since 2020. She won the first edition of the US Adaptive Open held at Pinehurst no. 6 and was also part of Team USA 2022, which currently holds the cup.

Tineke Loogman, from the Netherlands, was the European Champion in 2006 and served as Vice Captain of Team Europe in 2022. The Captains selected the players following these rules: Players from 6 different States/Nations; Players with 6 different types of disabilities; 6 players with a handicap ranging from 0 to 10.4 (of which only 4 with a handicap below 5.4); 6 players with a handicap ranging from 10.5 to 18.4; 2 players with a handicap ranging from 18.5 to 24.4; 2 players with a handicap ranging from 24.5 to 36.4.

For the first time, José Bagnarelli from Italy will be part of Team Europe, and he has our full support. Team Europe: Tineke Loogman (Captain) – Netherlands Kris Aves (Vice-Captain) – England Frans Harmsen (Vice-Captain) – Netherlands Chris Foster – England Mette Lynggaard – Denmark Kjelle Gaude – Sweden Jennifer Sraga – Germany Charlie Appleyard – England Rutger Pranger – Netherlands James Gallagher – England Iain Millar – England Trevor Crombie – Scotland Jose Bagnarelli – Italy Frank Sorber – Germany Liliane Cambre – Belgium Patrick Rosenast – Switzerland Team USA: Kim Moore (Captain) – Indiana Kellie Valentine (Vice-Captain) – Pennsylvania Jonathon Snyder (Vice-Captain) – North Carolina Evan Mathias – Indiana Tracy Ramin – Michigan Jeremy Bittner – Pennsylvania Brian Bemis – Michigan Sophia Howard – Michigan Brandon Williams – Ohio Kevin Holland – Michigan Steve Doudt – Indiana Greg Hooper – Georgia Kelsey Koch – Michigan Chad NeSmith – Kentucky Amy Bockerstette – Indiana Marcus Williams – Georgia

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