Charley Hoffman fulfills promise to Tiger Woods despite initial exemption denial

Hoffman asked Tiger Woods for a special entry into the Genesis Invitational, but there were none left

by Sead Dedovic
Charley Hoffman fulfills promise to Tiger Woods despite initial exemption denial
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Charley Hoffman is a well-known name to golf fans, especially the older ones. This 47-year-old golfer used to impress us many times in his career. The former 20th player in the world (OWGR ranking 2017) is ready to return to the very top. It seems that at this moment he is not far from his goal.

Charley Hoffman wanted to play in the Genesis Invitational but was initially denied special permission. Even though he narrowly lost in the WM Phoenix Open, he qualified for the Genesis Invitational through the AON Swing 5, a reward system for top-performing players in specific tournaments. 

This means he gets to join other top players in the Genesis Invitational, which is a significant event hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation. While Hoffman felt a touch of anger and frustration considering that he was close to his goal, one of the journalists caused immense joy and excitement for Hoffman.

"The Aon Swing 5 has got you into Genesis, just a few comments on that," -the journalist said.

You could hear the excitement and shock in Hoffman's voice upon learning such news. He emphasized that he would change the plans he had.

Hoffman reacted: "That's awesome. I'm excited about that. I guess I'm playing next week and not going skiing.

We were planning on going to Mammoth skiing for a few days. I guess we're going to have to change those plans!" 

Charlie Hoffman requested a special entry to the Genesis Invitational from Tiger Woods

Hoffman asked Tiger Woods for a special entry into the Genesis Invitational, but there were none left. Instead of giving up, Hoffman decided to earn his spot by playing really well, and he did just that. Charley has proven to be a dedicated golfer with a clear goal. Even when things don't go as planned, it's important to stay determined. Persistence pays off, and with time, luck may come your way.

Tiger Woods
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When asked about his recent golf tournament, Charley Hoffman shared that he played well, especially in the last two rounds. He praised his competitor Nick for making some great shots toward the end. Even though he didn't win, Hoffman is proud of how he performed and is excited to compete again in the future. Having an opponent like Nick requires you to be as focused and ready as possible. For Charley, the most important thing is that he showed himself and everyone that he has the qualities to fight against the best.

"Yeah, putting myself in contention coming down the stretch, I didn't really falter, so I've got to give Nick credit. He came back with birdies on 16 and 18 and then 18 and 18. He birdied four of the last five holes he played. Hats off to him for doing that.
I played my butt off. I gave myself a chance. I knew if I got to that 22 number it would be hard for him to catch me, and left a putt short in regulation. But I love the juices. I love competing. This builds a little fire in the belly. I definitely want to be back here."

Charley Hoffman aims to be the best

Charley Hoffman has shown that he's a dedicated golfer with clear goals. Even when things don't go his way, he encourages the importance of staying persistent. According to Hoffman, being persistent attracts luck over time.

Hoffman expressed his confidence when talking about young players. He believes he is ready to compete with the youngest and most talented in this sport. His passion and desire for victory go so far that he is willing to be the best in the world again. The most important thing for him right now is to stay healthy and show everyone that he is still a golfer who can compete with the best.

This brilliant golfer also spoke about a back injury. He is happy that he can appear every week and train hard. Charley is aware that with the current back injury, it's difficult for him to compete with some players. However, he remains optimistic that in the future, his back will be healthy. This will also mean that we can expect 100% from him. It's impressive how much confidence Hoffman has. If he remains this dedicated, there is no doubt that he can be at the top again.

The new season in the world of golf will be a great opportunity to see again what the best golfers bring to us. Golf fans also hope that we will see more of Tiger Woods in the future. Without him, it is somewhat unusual to follow the events on the golf scene. Woods looks set to play some major tournaments this year.

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