Tiger Woods on the Reasons Behind Hiring a New Caddy

"As far as Lance is concerned, I've had a great relationship with him over the years going back to when he caddied for Kooch."- Woods said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods on the Reasons Behind Hiring a New Caddy
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Tiger Woods is always an interesting figure on the golf scene, considering everything he has achieved in his career. Fans are hoping to get a chance to watch Woods a lot more this year than they have in the last few years. 

In a media interview, this great golfer decided to talk about Lance Bennett, his new caddy. 

Joe LaCava was Woods' caddy for 11 years, from 2011 to 2022. The two of them created many memories together. For many, it will be hard to imagine Woods without LaCava, but it seems the time has come for them to part ways. Each of the golfers sometimes wants to make a change in their career, with the goal of progress.

Joe LaCava and Tiger Woods
Joe LaCava and Tiger Woods© Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images Sport

At the press conference before the Genesis Invitational, Woods explained his decision to hire Bennett as his new caddy. Tiger emphasized that he has known Bennet for a long time and that they had a great relationship before. Woods saw many positives in his new caddy before making this decision.

"As far as Lance is concerned, I've had a great relationship with him over the years going back to when he caddied for Kooch and when we played at the Presidents Cup together back in, what, Muirfield Village," -Tiger Woods said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Given that Bennett was Matt Kuchar's caddy, Woods had the opportunity to hang out and talk with him at the Ryder and Presidents Cups. Even then, Woods realized that he and Bennett shared the same views on golf and the game. In addition, the human qualities that Bennett has shown are one of the reasons why he has earned Woods' sympathy. 

Given the same outlook on golf, Tiger does not doubt that the two will make a great partnership now and in the future. Joe LaCava has been Woods' caddy for many years, and Bennett is expected to be that too. 

The Genesis Invitational will be the best indicator of what kind of tandem Woods and Bennett are. Looking at the period of absence of Woods and the injury he was dealing with, no one will complain if his performance is not exactly ideal.

"In all the years that we've been on Ryder Cups and Presidents Cups together and the times, I've been able to play with him in the same groups. Very down to earth, very loyal and how he conversated through the years, I've also taken notice of that. 

We've had the same type of feels in how we look at the golf course and how we read putts, they're very similar. I think we're going to be a great team and look forward to the challenge."- Woods continued.

The reporters were interested in what expectations Woods has from the tournament. Looking at the injuries he is dealing with, more precisely the ankle injury, Woods is not optimistic that things will be the best for him. 

Tiger Woods on the first tournament in 2024, his expectations and health

However, Tiger emphasized that his passion and love for golf are the reasons why he still has the motivation to come back and show his best. 

The state of health of Woods is not ideal at this moment. His imperative is to play golf despite everything and try to make a positive result. It will be especially interesting to see Woods and his new caddy.

"My ankle doesn't hurt anymore because no bones are rubbing anymore. But then again, it's different. 

Other parts of my body have to take the brunt of it. Just like my back is fused so other of my body have taken the brunt of that. I have two different body parts that are now fused. Other parts of the body have to adapt. 

I still love competing, I love playing, I love being a part of the game of golf. This is the game of a lifetime and I don't ever want to stop playing."

Tiger Woods' best caddy, at least statistically, was Steve Williams. The two collaborated from 1999 to 2011. The impressive fact is that Woods managed to win 13 majors in that period! That speaks volumes for how great their partnership has been. This year will be the beginning of a new chapter in Woods' career. It will be interesting to follow his performances now that he has a new caddie.

Tiger Woods fans expect the Genesis Invitational to be a good chance for the 48-year-old golfer to convince the world of his qualities again. We are certainly all looking forward to the return of such a legend to the golf course. Many miss watching Woods' great moves.

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