Tiger Woods on PIF Deal, Genesis Invitational Expectations, and Possible Retirement

"Ultimately we would like to have PIF be a part of our tour and a part of our product."- Woods said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods on PIF Deal, Genesis Invitational Expectations, and Possible Retirement
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There are huge expectations for Tiger Woods and his performance at the Genesis Invitational. Despite the injuries he has problems with, Woods is always expected to do his best. At the press conference before his first appearance in this tournament, Woods reflected on many events on the golf scene.

Considering everything that happened in the previous two years, Tiger had a lot to say. However, the primary topics were recent events; in the foreground is the deal between SSG and the PGA Tour. Woods is excited about the fact that SSG executives have decided to invest money in the PGA Tour. That's great news for all fans of this Tour!

"They're unbelievable leaders. At the time that we need great leadership going forward, I think this elicits that."- Tiger Woods said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

PGA Tour fans have different opinions about whether a deal with PIF is even needed anymore. LIV Golf is financed by PIF, and a merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour might be the best thing for golf at the moment. Tiger Woods is not opposed to such an option but emphasizes that when it comes to the financial aspect, the PGA Tour no longer needs the PIF. Tiger is happy that the PGA Tour is in such a good position, although no one expected that things could turn out so well for them.

"Ultimately we would like to have PIF be a part of our tour and a part of our product. Financially, we don't right now, and the monies that they have come to the table with and what we initially had agreed to in the framework agreement, those are all the same numbers. Anything beyond this is going to be obviously over and above. We're in a position right now, hopefully we can make our product better in the short term and long term."

Tiger Woods shared his aspiration for a win at the Genesis Invitational, a tournament he has been a part of since 1992 without achieving a victory. Woods expressed his hope to figure things out during the competition and put himself in contention throughout the week. His ultimate goal is to secure a victory ("W") by the end of the tournament. Woods' fans are optimistic, although after problems with injuries, it is difficult to expect that Woods can give his best. 2024 will be an opportunity for Woods to reassure everyone and remind us of the best days of his career. At least we hope so.

Tiger Woods
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Some believe that this popular golfer will soon confirm that he is ending his career, due to injuries. However, Woods is far from that. Although he is aware of the fact that he will not have the opportunity to play as many tournaments as he used to, he is still motivated to perform at least in the more important ones.

Woods expressed his love for competition, playing, and being a part of the game of golf. He sees golf as a lifelong passion and emphasizes that he doesn't want to stop playing.

Woods highlighted the joy he finds in competing and the unique conversations that happen across generations in golf. He appreciates the cross-pollination of ideas during play, especially when sharing the course with other great athletes. Despite his earlier reservations, Woods made it clear that he loves the game and has no intention of losing that connection.  When you have been on the golf scene for so many years, when you have so much success behind you, and when many consider you a legend, then you have no reason to end your career.

Tiger Woods on Genesis Invitational and his expectations

The Genesis Invitational is a tournament he never managed to win. Although one could say, Woods won almost all the tournaments, Genesis was never easy for him. This year will be a chance for him to change things and achieve his goal, which he has been dreaming about for years.

Woods mentioned that his difficulties at the Genesis Invitational mainly come from struggles with putting, especially on a course that suits players who prefer a fade. Most holes run from left to right, which is ideal for a right-handed player like himself. Despite being good at driving and having a game suitable for small greens, Woods admitted to not consistently performing well with the putter at this specific event.

Given that he is known as an optimist, Woods expects that this year could be a turning point for him. We will see how much this 48-year-old golfer can do at this moment.  Tiger Woods now has a new caddy, Lance Bennett, with whom he wants to make a joint success!

Tiger Woods