Tiger Woods on TW logo, new shoes, new caddy and swing

Speaking to reporters before the Genesis Invitational, Woods talked about a variety of topics

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods on TW logo, new shoes, new caddy and swing
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Tiger Woods always draws attention wherever he goes. Reporters pay enormous attention to his statements, given how influential Woods is in the world of golf. Precisely for this reason, every statement by Woods is analyzed and various conclusions are drawn. 

At the moment when the PGA Tour is experiencing evolution, and is having a direct fight with LIV Golf, Woods tries to be of help to the PGA Tour and help them move in the right direction. 

Speaking to reporters before the Genesis Invitational, Woods talked about a variety of topics. What many are interested in is Woods' split with Nike. Fans of the PGA Tour and this golfer are wondering what will happen to the TW logo. Woods solved all their dilemmas with his answer;

"I don't want it back, I've moved on. This is a transition in my life. I've moved on to Sun Day Red and we're looking forward to building a brand that elicits excitement and is transformative."- Tiger Woods said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Tiger Woods' significant ankle injury that led to subtalar fusion surgery is the reason why many ask the question; How much Woods can do at this moment? However, what interests many is his choice of footwear at Genesis. Tiger Woods’ new TaylorMade apparel line Sun Day Red was announced on Monday. At this tournament too, he was seen wearing Sun Day Red shoes. However, Woods admitted that there are certain problems.

"As far as the shoes go, had to make a slight adjustment yesterday, was putting some nails in for traction." He explained that testing the shoes at home in Florida was different from playing on a slope and wet grass at the event. To improve traction, he added nails, and according to Woods, this adjustment has proven effective in the current conditions. At this stage of his career, Woods must do everything possible to prevent another injury or influence an old injury to return.

Lance Bennett is Tiger Woods' new caddy. This experienced caddy has been in the golf world for many years. There is tremendous optimism that Bennett will be a turning point in Woods' career.

Lance Bennett and Tiger Woods
Lance Bennett and Tiger Woods© Harry How / Getty Images Sport

After working with Joe LaCava for more than 10 years, Woods realized that he had to change something in his career. During the conversation with the media, Woods spoke about the golfing and human qualities of his new caddy. Considering that the two have known each other for a long time, Woods had no doubts whether Lance was the right choice for him. His opinion is shared by many golf experts.

Woods doesn't get to practice like he used to, nor does he feel like he used to, but his love of golf is what drives him. Woods has a huge hope that he can be at the top again.

Tiger Woods prioritizes precision: Focuses on achieving a flush strike in golf swing

Woods explained what he's currently working on with his golf swing, emphasizing the importance of hitting the ball flush. He expressed, "I think that more than anything, that I try and do from a technical standpoint is making sure I can still hit the golf ball flush and solid." Despite not having the same speed and practice hours as before, he remains committed to ensuring he can consistently strike the ball in the middle of the face.

Woods mentioned that he faces difficulty in keeping a consistent golf swing because his body looks different from day to day and week to week. He explained that this inconsistency is not something he chooses but is influenced by the variations in how his body feels. Looking at the injuries he's dealt with in the past few years, it's a great thing that we even have the chance to see Woods on the golf course. It looked like we would have to wait a long time, or worst of all, not see his return to the course. His return is what primarily makes fans happy, and many hope that with time, Tiger can be that player again.

The challenge arises from his inability to follow a specific swing model due to differences in his hands and feel. Even though his swing might not always look visually appealing, Woods emphasized that he relies on the sensations and touch he has developed over the past few years to consistently hit the ball well. 

In the ongoing tournament and future ones, Woods' experience could prove to be a crucial factor for his success. Even when his body is not in ideal condition, experience can play an important role in turning things in his favor. We will see if Tiger can achieve this.

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