Famous golf figure frustrated with Jon Rahm: He's got buyer's remorse

"You can see he's not enjoying the atmosphere of LIV. He's wanting people to be quiet."- Cotter said.

by Sead Dedovic
Famous golf figure frustrated with Jon Rahm: He's got buyer's remorse
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Jon Rahm is still a hot topic in the world of golf, a few months after he shocked the golf public by signing with LIV Golf. In the conversation after the contract was signed, the Spaniard emphasized that money was not the only motive for his arrival. The 29-year-old golfer believes that LIV is a Tour that progresses and guarantees something new. However, some believe that the Spaniard is not very happy after several performances at LIV Golf. Rahm was visibly nervous and frustrated at certain moments during his first two appearances at LIV Golf.

During The Chipping Forecast, sports commentator and broadcaster Andrew Cotter analyzed Rahm's behavior during the first two LIV Golf events. Cotter believes that the Spaniard feels buyer's remorse after signing a contract with LIV Golf. Judging by his statements, Cotter thinks that Rahm is not happy to be part of LIV Golf.

"They [LIV] had a good finish with Dustin Johnson winning it [in Las Vegas],"-Cotter said, as quoted by golfmagic.com

"But the key thing about this is that Jon Rahm suddenly... you can see he's got buyer's remorse or as much remorse as a man can have with $300m in his pocket in that he's saying he wants to come back and play PGA Tour events if possible."

Jon Rahm also emphasized a few days after signing the contract with LIV Golf that he would like to return to PGA Tour events, if possible. At this point, it is difficult to conclude whether PGA Tour officials will be open to the return of LIV Golfers. Such a thing seems unrealistic to many. 

However, if the PIF and the PGA Tour reach a final deal, such a chance becomes realistic. The negotiations have dragged on, and this is the reason why some have less and less optimism that they will reach the final deal at all.

Andrew Cotter believes that Rahm currently does not enjoy playing LIV Golf events, nor does he like the atmosphere there. Cotter is frustrated by the behavior of the Spaniard and some other individuals who want to return to play PGA Tour events, even though they somehow betrayed the Tour and took a huge amount of money.

"You can see he's not enjoying the atmosphere of LIV. He's wanting people to be quiet.

But you cannot have that $300m cake and eat it by coming back to the PGA Tour as well. It's nonsense. 

I get so angry with Tyrrell Hatton as well saying that he hopes he can come back and play Tour events.

I'm sure they do, but you cannot jump to take that enormous wedge of cash for nothing other than taking the enormous wedge of cash and then say, 'The atmosphere is not what I wanted here I would quite like to go back and play the tournaments that I love playing on the PGA Tour.'"

Eddie Pepperell reacts to Jon Rahm's statements

Eddie Pepperell is known as a golfer who takes every opportunity to criticize LIV Golf. This great golfer has been against such a product since day one of LIV Golf's launch. In his statements, he often emphasized that he does not see any excitement factor in watching LIV Golf events. Pepperell was also part of this conversation, and he gave his view of the whole situation.

Eddie Pepperell
Eddie Pepperell© Richard Heathcote / Getty Images Sport

Pepperell agrees with the idea that there is an inequality between the PGA Tour and LIV events. He notes that players on the PGA Tour cannot take part in LIV events, indicating a difference in opportunities. Pepperell highlights that the chances for players are not entirely equal, emphasizing the variations in access and participation between the two golf circuits.

In just a few weeks, Jon Rahm will have the opportunity to show his qualities in Jeddah. His start is not promising, at least judging by what we have seen. However, looking at Rahm's qualities and what he has done in previous years, there is optimism that he could become the best player on this Tour in the coming period. Some adjustment time is needed for this Spaniard.

Although until recently he was one of the most popular golfers on the golf scene, his departure to LIV Golf changed the opinion of many about the Spaniard. A large number of fans now have a different attitude when it comes to Jon Rahm. The Spaniard spoke about how challenging it was to decide to join LIV Golf. He knew what reactions would likely follow if he left the PGA Tour. However, after extensive analysis, Rahm was ready to turn over a new leaf and head for a new challenge. Whether it will be a good decision remains to be seen.

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