Shane Lowry advises Jon Rahm: Avoid disrespecting the PGA Tour like some have done

"Go there, and go gracefully, and do what you have to do."- Lowry said.

by Sead Dedovic
Shane Lowry advises Jon Rahm: Avoid disrespecting the PGA Tour like some have done
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Jon Rahm's joining LIV Golf caused a huge amount of reaction. While some were disappointed with his decision, some understood the Spaniard's decision. 

Looking at the situation from a year ago and now, there is a huge difference. During the first departures from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf, there were much stronger reactions than now. 

It seems that golf fans are used to what is happening in the world of golf. 

However, the majority are still those who do not support the departure from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf. Jon Rahm revealed his decision to colleagues via WhatsApp. Reactions were mostly neutral. 

His colleagues wished him luck in the new chapter of his career. Jon Rahm's Ryder Cup teammate Shane Lowry confirmed during the podcast that he accepted Rahm's decision but clearly indicated to him that he must not call out the PGA Tour after leaving it.

“Rumours were big at the time and we were all talking about it individually,” Lowry told the ForePlay Podcast, as quoted by MIRROR

“And then Jon put a message into the group telling us. Some guys are like, whatever, and I was like, that’s your choice. Just don’t go there and * on the tours like some people did."

After joining LIV Golf, Jon Rahm explained the reasons why he decided to sign a contract with LIV Golf.

Jon Rahm
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He did not want to deny that one of the reasons was money. However, the Spaniard stressed that there are other factors. One of the factors is that LIV Golf influences the progress of golf and that the innovations they introduced are great.

"The past two years there's been a lot of evolving in the game of golf, and things have changed a lot, and so have I. Seeing the growth and evolution and the innovation is something that's captured my attention, and that's why we are here today."-Jon Rahm said.

Shane Lowry believes that everyone has the right to decide about their future, including Rahm. Given that many people before him decided to do the same, it seems that no one is surprised anymore when individuals make such a decision. However, Lowry believes that it is crucial to leave the PGA Tour with honor and to respect the Tour that has given you everything in your career. There are many examples of those who, after leaving the PGA Tour, decided to call out this Tour. Regarding growing the game, Lowry believes that upon joining LIV Golf, the Tour's communications team will instruct you on what to say during the presentation.

"Go there, and go gracefully, and do what you have to do. And Tyrrell [Hatton] the same. I think what Jon said about growing the game and stuff that’s obviously what they have to say. They’ve signed on the dotted line. They’ve been told by the communications team that this is what you say when you’re asked this and you have no other choice really because they own you now.”- Lowry continued.

Jon Rahm wants to play PGA Tour events again

PGA Tour fans expressed their frustration with Jon Rahm's statements a few weeks ago. The 29-year-old golfer has shown tendencies to play PGA Tour events again, as well as DP World Tour events. However, leaving the Tour where you spent the best years of your career, and trying to return, according to many, does not make sense. Rahm still has hopes that his wishes will come true in the future. The reason for his optimism may be the PGA Tour-PIF deal, which could be finalized soon. Looking at everything that has been happening lately, the chances are not so great that the deal will be finalized, but let's wait.

 "I do want to maintain my PGA Tour and DPWT status I will not give that up," -the Spaniard said.

"Hopefully with the freedom LIV gives me I can play both those tours. There are certain PGA Tour events I want to play as long as my schedule allows. If possible, I want to make that happen.”

Several of Jon Rahm's colleagues share the same view with Lowry. It seems that tensions between LIV Golf and PGA Tour players are not as great as they used to be, which can be a good thing for golf. What fans miss is seeing big names in one place. The fact that both Tours have quality golfers, but they don't play together, is not great for sports fans. 

A lot can happen in a short period. It remains for us to watch carefully what happens, hoping that golf can offer what we want from it.

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