Michael Kim's Journey and Techniques to Improve Your Golf Game

Kim is a golfer who strives to progress day by day

by Sead Dedovic
Michael Kim's Journey and Techniques to Improve Your Golf Game
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PGA Tour pro Michael Kim has decided to help individuals through social media and reveal the best way to begin lowering your handicap. Given that this outstanding golfer has been in great form lately and possesses exceptional qualities, those who play golf can learn a lot from him. He has placed a special emphasis on increasing distance off the tee. He drew a parallel between the average ball speed when he started his career and the current speed. It's evident that he has made a great progress.

"My average ball speed my rookie year was 162 and max was 170. Now my average is 172 and max is 180-182," he wrote on social media.

"With enough training and diligence, you can absolutely get longer, and not just five or six yards, 20-30 yards like I have. Distance is the lowest hanging fruit to lower your handicap."

Michael Kim explains his views

Kim is a golfer who strives to progress day by day. This means doing things you may not enjoy, all with the aim of improving. Although some individuals believe that certain aspects of their game cannot be improved and that it's all about talent, Kim disagrees with such claims. Regardless of how lacking one might be in a specific aspect, training, and dedication will influence improvement.

He emphasized general strength workouts, focusing on exercises like Trap bar deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, incline dumbbell bench, pull-ups, and core exercises. Kim highlighted the importance of strengthening the glutes and core to maintain a healthy back.  There are many exercises with which you have the opportunity to improve as a golfer, although many may not realize it.
When discussing the topic of adding speed to his game, Kim clarified that gaining speed is not just dependent on natural ability. He stressed the importance of targeted training to enhance speed, emphasizing that individuals, regardless of age, can increase their speed through dedicated training efforts.