Sergio Garcia is optimistic about the chances of competing in the 2025 Ryder Cup

"I want to give myself the best possibility for [the Ryder Cup]."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Garcia is optimistic about the chances of competing in the 2025 Ryder Cup
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Joining LIV Golf has disrupted the plans for many golfers. One of the major concerns is the absence of OWGR points, as LIV Golf currently does not have the right to earn points. 

Players hope for a more positive outlook in the future since playing without points poses huge challenges for LIV Golfers.

Another disadvantage for LIV Golfers is the fact that they cannot participate in the Ryder Cup for the European team. One of those feeling the consequences is Sergio Garcia.

Despite the anticipation of playing a crucial role in the 2023 Ryder Cup, the Spaniard chose to join LIV Golf, meaning he would miss the opportunity to compete in Rome. 

The European team secured victory with several young players shining. However, Garcia now has different plans and intends to play in the Ryder Cup next year. The Spaniard is confident that, starting next year, he will be competing on the DP World Tour, specifically in four events. This gives him the chance to participate in the Ryder Cup, and Garcia is determined to give his best.

“I’m going to be a member of the DP World tour again next year and play my four events. I always said when I joined LIV that I wanted to keep being a member of the DP World Tour to at least play my minimum four events and keep my card. Obviously, they didn’t make it easy to do that.

I want to give myself the best possibility for [the Ryder Cup]. Only playing a handful of events it’s not going to be easy to make it unless I do super, super well."- Garcia said on The Rick Shiels Golf Show, as reported by

Sergio Garcia believes that if he demonstrates to the coach and others that he truly possesses the qualities to compete in the European Ryder Cup, there is no doubt he will receive an invitation. 

Garcia thinks he can bring many benefits to the European team with his performance. His experience in major tournaments would be a crucial factor. Certainly, his golfing qualities could be crucial in causing the US team to suffer a defeat.

Playing on foreign soil is a significant challenge, especially considering past statistics. Many consider winning on foreign soil in the Ryder Cup to be one of the greatest achievements in golf. 

Garcia also emphasized that he is not thinking about the Ryder Cup captaincy. He believes he has a chance to play in the Ryder Cup, but he remains cautious, letting time reveal the best course of action. 

It seems that European team fans aren't very positive about Garcia. His move to LIV Golf has generated negative reactions. In moments when the team needed him the most, he made an unpopular decision. Fortunately for the European team, they still have other quality individuals who made a difference in Rome last year. The European team aims to achieve historic success next year and impress everyone.

Sergio Garcia's reaction last year to the fact that he will not perform at the Ryder Cup

Sergio Garcia shared his thoughts on the decision-making process regarding the DP World Tour and its implications for his Ryder Cup chances. Despite his friendship with Luke Donald, who was involved in the decision-making, Garcia sought honesty and was informed that he had no chance. Those were disappointing moments, but he was aware that he had to accept things as they were. The Spaniard knew he had no other option. LIV Golf disrupted their plans, but they were aware that consequences might follow the decision to join LIV Golf.

Lee Westwood of England and team Europe, captain Padraig Harrington of Ireland and team Europe, Sergio Garcia of Spain and team
Lee Westwood of England and team Europe, captain Padraig Harrington of Ireland and team Europe, Sergio Garcia of Spain and team © Warren Little / Getty Images Sport

Garcia expressed disappointment as he believed his history and recent performance could have earned him a spot. However, the feedback he received suggested otherwise. At that moment, nobody considered his achievements or the value he brought to the European team.

He highlighted the hope that decision-makers would consider options, emphasizing his European identity and the desire for the team's success in the Ryder Cup. Despite the setbacks, Garcia remains committed to the European cause and wants the team to have the best chance of winning.

This time, the Spaniard wants to be part of the winning team on the golf course. Watching the European team's victory on TV is not what Garcia and other LIV Golfers dream of. It will be interesting to see what this, and the coming year, holds. If Garcia indeed rejoins the DP World Tour, the European Ryder Cup team would gain a huge boost. However, several factors will decide whether Garcia becomes part of the team.

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