Agent Chubby Chandler: I don’t think LIV Golf and PGA Tour will end up as one

Former agent Chubby Chandler is one of those who believe that after the SSG investment, the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will not become one

by Sead Dedovic
Agent Chubby Chandler: I don’t think LIV Golf and PGA Tour will end up as one
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The golf world has seen big changes in the past two years. Many things are changing month by month, grabbing a lot of attention. Recent events in the golf world have especially caught the interest of everyone. The SSG investment in the PGA Tour is one of the latest news

After SSG invested a huge amount in the PGA Tour, various reactions appeared. Most golf fans are happy about this deal, as the PGA Tour is expected to progress due to SSG. However, some skeptics doubt that the PGA Tour and PIF will reach a final agreement, and the merger doesn't seem like a realistic option. 

Additionally, the deadline for the agreement was December 31, but evidently, there were some obstacles.  The nature of the problems that have arisen is not yet known.

Golf fans believe that much more will be revealed in the coming months. 

Former agent Chubby Chandler is one of those who believe that after the SSG investment, the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will not become one. However, Chandler can envision them as two Tours coexisting. He thinks it would be a great thing for golf.

"I don’t think they will end up as one,"- Chandler said, talking with Golfmonthly

"I do think that LIV will keep going and the PGA Tour will be side by side. They will work out that the PGA Tour finishes at the end of August and then LIV takes over. I can see them co-existing pretty easily."

Chandler thinks that LIV Golf players might be allowed to play in major tournaments someday, but this would depend on them earning OWGR points, which doesn't seem likely soon. He believes that LIV and the PGA Tour will have to find a way to work together because they need each other. However, he also thinks there will always be some disagreements and doesn't see them becoming completely united.

"I think that the Majors will work out a way of getting LIV players in - as the Masters have now started - and if you set aside the petty differences, it’s not that difficult to set up something whereby the schedules align. 

It’s bound to work out because they can’t keep ignoring each other. I can’t see them coming back together but I can see them living side by side and things being okay."

Chubby Chandler: Events in the world of golf have caused even greater interest in this sport

Chandler believes that the competition between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, although keeping men's professional golf divided, has generated more interest and discussions about the sport.  Golf has become more popular with the emergence of LIV Golf. Even though PGA Tour officials may not be happy about the Saudi money and top players leaving their Tour, it has brought more attention to the golf world. It's important to highlight efforts to attract younger fans to the sport of golf.

LIV Golf
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Despite the separation, he sees this increased attention as a positive outcome for golf. Chandler compares this situation to other sports, like Formula One, where strategic moves lead to huge financial gains. He thinks that having the right product, visibility, and strategic placement will attract substantial funding. People in charge of golf are realizing more and more how important it is to promote the sport. Even though some might not like the way LIV Golf appeared, the fact is that both sides could benefit from it. Golf has become more exciting, and more people are talking about it.

He points out examples from other sports, such as Lewis Hamilton's impact on Ferrari's stock and Lebron James' lucrative investments, showing the potential for immense financial value in sports ventures. Chandler emphasizes that SSG recognizes the commercial potential of the PGA Tour, which has operated as a charitable entity for years. With the infusion of $3 billion, he contends that the PGA Tour, now transitioning to a commercial model, could surpass its initial investment and become a highly valuable entity, citing comparisons to the substantial worth of sports franchises like Liverpool.

People from SSG are ready to spend money and also to make money. Since knowledgeable people are working there, PGA Tour golfers and leaders are confident that SSG can be very important for their progress. They already have some ideas that they will try to use. This makes everyone hopeful that golf will have better days. Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and other famous golfers have said how crucial SSG's investment is, not just for the PGA Tour but for golf as a sport.

The interesting future awaits us, with a lot of excitement.

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