David Puig with 25 birdies in the last 54 holes

David Puig is unquestionably one of the world's top golfers at the moment

by Andrea Gussoni
David Puig with 25 birdies in the last 54 holes
© Getty Images Sport - Michael Reaves / Staff

David Puig is unquestionably one of the world's top golfers at the moment. After showcasing a fantastic performance in Malaysia, with 18 birdies and rounds of 62 strokes each, the 22-year-old Spanish prodigy continued his love affair at the next stop on the Asian Tour, the Oman International Series, held at Al Mouj Golf in Muscat.

David Puig, results

The golfer from Fireballs, ranked 141st in the world after his victory last week, displayed brilliant gameplay throughout the day, Thursday, when there was some wind during his round, to card 65 strokes.

After an initial nine holes, completed in 31 strokes with four consecutive birdies between holes 5 and 8, he added two more birdies to total 25 birdies in his last three rounds. For reference, although in the same tournament, recently Sunghae Im made 34 birdies over four rounds at The Sentry, which is the PGA Tour record.

Puig edged out a former teammate from last year's LIV Torque team, Chilean Joaco Niemann, by one stroke. Niemann received news on Tuesday that he has been invited to the Masters Tournament at Augusta. He shared the spotlight with David and plays in these types of tournaments to solidify his presence at the Paris Olympics, an opportunity that could now present itself for the Spanish golfer.

However, Puig will have to compete in major tournaments wherever he plays due to the refusal of the world ranking to award points to the Tour promoted by Saudi Arabia, as it does not meet the requirements to surpass Pablo Larrazábal, who is currently Jon Rahm's companion at the August event in France.

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