Angel Cabrera: “I should normally play Masters”

Angel Cabrera, the Argentine champion, former winner of the 2007 US Open and the 2009 Masters, had just finished a reconnaissance round with his caddie, Javier Pintos

by Andrea Gussoni
Angel Cabrera: “I should normally play Masters”
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Angel Cabrera, the Argentine champion, former winner of the 2007 US Open and the 2009 Masters, had just finished a reconnaissance round with his caddie, Javier Pintos.

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"Yes, everything is better now, and I am happy on the golf course.

Not everything is perfect yet, especially when it comes to my short game. But I'm working on it, and the first results are coming. I've already played some competitions back home in Argentina and managed to secure some good finishes...

You have to be patient and keep working." As for the question everyone is asking him, will he be at the Masters in April? He calmly responds, "I hope so. I should normally play it. I've been told that my visa should be sent in about two weeks..." "Normally," he adds once again, with a smile and a hint of uncertainty.

A Masters as a redemption for "El Pato"? Ángel Cabrera was born on September 12, 1969, in Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina. His father, Miguel, earned a living doing odd jobs and repairs, while his mother worked as a domestic worker.

Ángel was three or four years old when his parents separated. He stayed in the care of his paternal grandmother until he was 16, when he moved a few meters away to live with Silvia, who was twelve years older than him and the mother of four children.

They had a son, Federico, followed by another, Ángel Jr. Ángel and Silvia were never formally married and have been officially separated since 2009. In 2013, it became public that the Argentine professional golfer was in a relationship with the singer and actress Coki Ramírez.

The relationship lasted until May 2015. Domestic Violence: The golfer was accused by his former partner, Cecilia Torres Mana, of gender-based violence. Apparently, his former partner, who was reportedly a police officer in Córdoba, went to his aid when he returned home drunk.

She allegedly encountered the athlete's truck at a gas station in the area and found Cabrera talking to another woman. This reportedly led to a heated argument that escalated. According to reports, Cabrera got into his vehicle and collided with Torres' car before heading to her house in a country club area.

She managed to intercept him at the entrance gate, where Cabrera, 47, allegedly insulted and assaulted her. On another occasion, she revealed a video showing the golfer verbally abusing her very violently and shared photos of bruises caused by him.

As a result of these events, he was charged with assault. Another ex-partner named Micaela Escudero also accused him of gender-based violence, obtaining a restraining order to keep him away from her and also getting him charged for his physical and verbal assaults.

The golfer Ángel "El Pato" Cabrera was sentenced to two years in prison. This was in the context of the case in which he was accused by his former partner Cecilia Torres Mana. The court found him responsible for minor injuries, involving gender-based violence, and theft.

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