Andrew Chandler: The DP World Tour should have been LIV's home

Chandler believes that DP World Tour leaders should have accepted an offer from LIV Golf

by Sead Dedovic
Andrew Chandler: The DP World Tour should have been LIV's home
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Golf agent Andrew 'Chubby' Chandler, in a recent interview with Golf Monthly, discussed interesting topics related to the golf scene. Given all the events in the last two years, it's hard to draw conclusions and predict what the future holds. However, Chandler believes that the past could have been different. 

What many may not know is that PIF (Public Investment Fund) wanted to invest money in the DP World Tour. Nevertheless, the leaders of this Tour rejected such a proposal, emphasizing their plans to continue the alliance with the PGA Tour. 

According to many, this turned out to be a wrong move. PIF decided to create LIV Golf and invest a great amount of money. Whether the reason was frustration with the decision of DP World Tour leaders or simply a desire to revolutionize the world of golf, we may never know. 

Chandler believes that DP World Tour leaders should have accepted such an offer. If they had accepted PIF's offer, many things in the golf scene could have been avoided, resulting in a much calmer situation. However, few expected PIF to take such a step and invest a lot of money in LIV Golf.

"The DP World Tour should have been LIV's home. When they were offered the deal two years ago they should have taken it," -Chandler said.

"That would have solved a lot of problems for everybody. They would have world rankings points and the DP World Tour would have got the investment and the big names."

Given the current system of LIV Golf, Chandler believes that the DP World Tour could have adopted a similar structure. Moreover, everyone would have benefitted, especially European golfers. However, things turned out completely different. Some still hope that the PIF-PGA Tour deal could be finalized, leading to a resolution in the golf scene. Chandler is not among those optimistic that this deal will be completed, particularly after SSG decided to invest a huge money in the PGA Tour.

"If LIV is only going to be 14 tournaments, why couldn't that have fit that into the DP World Tour and everybody would have won? Have those as 14 limited-field events – much like the PGA Tour is doing with their Signature Events  - and the top Europeans could have played and they could have got on with it."

Andrew 'Chubby' Chandler has only words of praise for Keith Pelley and his moves

The DP World Tour chief executive, Keith Pelley, will finish his adventure at the DP World Tour and step down as the chief executive in April of this year. He is still fighting to show how important the DP World Tour and peace in the golf scene are to him.

Pelley© Getty Images Sport - Warren Little / Staff

Pelley is a unique persona, willing to help the world of golf, but despite it all, he is often the target of criticism. Chandler is one of those who has enormous respect for Pelley. This golf agent believes that Pelley has done a lot of beneficial things for the DP World Tour and laid good foundations for the future. Chandler also discussed their partnership with the PGA Tour and questioned how useful it is for them.

"I think Keith Pelley did unbelievably through Covid. You look at this week in Kenya where they are playing for $2.5m. Who would have thought that would be possible? So, I think he did a decent job.

My guess is they are better off than they would have been. But they definitely need to address the PGA Tour alliance because that might be holding them back - that is for Guy [Kinnings] to sort out."

The Future of the DP World Tour: Will Anything Change?

DP World Tour leaders have often made perhaps unpopular decisions that are still talked about. Many criticize their partnership with the PGA Tour and question how much benefit the DP World Tour gains from the entire relationship. Despite everything, the philosophy of this Tour will not change in the future, at least judging by the statements of the leaders of this Tour. The DP World Tour has many quality individuals who aspire to build their careers on the PGA Tour and become golf stars. Especially in recent years, many talents have emerged from the DP World Tour who will be the future of this sport.

Chandler is one of those individuals who simply wants to see the best for golf, just like all of us who passionately follow and love this sport. Hopefully, many "issues" will be resolved in the coming period. Divisions and conflicts are certainly not what we want to see again in the future. This season will bring many positive things, we have no doubt about that.

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