Joshua Grenville-Wood on growing up with ADHD: No one was there to help me

"I didn’t know how to deal with what I was going through, and the teachers didn’t know."- Grenvile-Wood said.

by Sead Dedovic
Joshua Grenville-Wood on growing up with ADHD: No one was there to help me
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Joshua Grenville-Wood is a young golfer with a lot of promise, and great things are expected from him. The 25-year-old Englishman decided to depart from England and pursue his career in the UAE to enhance his developmental opportunities.

Performing on the DP World Tour, he has already demonstrated exceptional talent in his first five appearances, setting the stage for future discussions about his potential.

What is less known to many is that Joshua Grenville-Wood had enormous problems in his childhood. Namely, this young golfer was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

In an interview with the media, he talked about the problems he faced at school. He was often the target of bullying, and he changed schools. In addition, Joshua caused problems himself, but the teachers did not pay special attention to him.

“I moved schools quite a lot, and got kicked out of a school for fighting,” Grenville-Wood said, as reported by

“I was being picked on for being different. The one we always make fun of was when my head teacher used to try to bribe me to behave in school.

Every day I behaved, I would get five pounds. That just summed it up. I never really fitted in. There was no one there to help me."

Joshua Grenville-Wood is still frustrated with the behavior of his teachers, who did not give him special attention. Wood felt different. In those moments, he needed someone to guide him, to show him the right path. However, it seems like he had to rely on himself.

“They couldn’t be bothered. It was a case of throwing him in the back of the classroom, tell him to be quiet, and get on with it.

I didn’t know how to deal with what I was going through, and the teachers didn’t know. Most of the time they didn’t really care."

In a certain period of his life, the parents of this young golfer realized that they had to take action. They decided to send him to More House in Surrey, UK, a school specialized for children with learning challenges. The 25-year-old golfer confirmed that it was the most important change for him. In that school, teachers understood the issues he faced, and he received the necessary attention. He felt like a human again.

Joshua Grenville-Wood
Joshua Grenville-Wood© Octavio Passos / Getty Images Sport

Joshua Grenville-Wood faces challenges in golf due to his ADHD, which makes it harder to maintain attention and focus. However, he embraces the difficulty as a mental and physical challenge, especially during extended periods of play in warm climates. 

Despite these challenges, he finds the golf course to be an exciting and unpredictable place, making the game enjoyable and keeping him engaged.  People with ADHD often enjoy sports and activities involving specific actions as a way to release energy. Wood is one of those who effectively manages his ADHD this way. Moreover, he is a talented golfer, indicating great potential for success.

Grenville-Wood Sr on the challenges of ADHD

Grenville-Wood Sr, his father, spoke about the challenges of ADHD. Mr. Woods believes that golf was a 'life saver' for his son. This way, he managed to channel his energy and calm his ADHD. Interestingly, this young golfer decided to stop taking medication at the age of 17. He wanted to confront ADHD differently. Although his father emphasizes that he made many mistakes during that period, there were also many opportunities to learn a lot about himself and life. 

He succeeded in calming his ADHD, somewhat improving concentration. Grenville-Wood Sr is one of his greatest supporters and an example that if you want to help your loved ones, it is essential to support them even when things are not going well.

Joshua Grenville-Wood decided to move to the UAE three years ago to advance his career. Last year, he was allowed to obtain UAE citizenship, and Joshua did not want to turn down such a chance.

Joshua described the decision to switch citizenship as a "no-brainer," emphasizing the advantages it brought

For him, the switch meant gaining access to prestigious events like the International Series Oman and receiving invitations to prominent tournaments on the DP World Tour. This shift significantly elevated his status, leading to increased opportunities to show his skills on the biggest stage.  It's important that this young golfer has the confidence needed to become a top player. Over the years, he has worked on building his confidence and realized that he truly has the potential to achieve great results.

By aligning with the UAE, Joshua positioned himself as one of the top players, earning invitations to major events and pushing his career forward. The decision was, in his own words, a straightforward and positive choice.