Bryson DeChambeau expresses frustration over LIV Golfers' missing OWGR points

"I have words that I'd love to say but I can't about it," DeChambeau said.

by Sead Dedovic
Bryson DeChambeau expresses frustration over LIV Golfers' missing OWGR points
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Bryson DeChambeau is frustrated and doesn't understand why LIV Golfers still haven't received OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) points. Although the leaders of this Tour promised LIV Golfers that they would have all the benefits, including OWGR points, by joining this Tour, it still hasn't happened. 

Greg Norman and the rest of the team expected that LIV Golf would be accepted in a completely different way. Playing without ranking points is a great setback in a career, as it diminishes the chances of participating in Majors. 

Bryson DeChambeau expressed his frustrations during the LIV Golf Fairway To Heaven podcast, emphasizing that LIV Golfers still haven't been granted the right to receive ranking points. DeChambeau believes that LIV Golf leaders have fulfilled all the requirements to play in Majors. He considers it crucial for them to showcase their maximum skills and qualities at Majors, as it is the path to achieving their goal.

"I have words that I'd love to say but I can't about it," DeChambeau said on the Fairway To Heaven podcast.

"They said ‘you need certain requirements’, we have fulfilled all those requirements, despite what everybody thinks. If you go look at their handbook, we have fulfilled every single criteria. It’s been over two years now. What’s going on guys?

"It’s a bit frustrating, but nothing we can do at this moment. If we showcase ourselves in the Major championships there’s no way they can keep us out. We just got to play well in the Majors and once we do, they have no choice.”

LIV Golf tried last year to file an appeal and reapply for OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) points. Official World Golf Ranking chairman Peter Dawson explained the reasons why LIV Golf still doesn't have the right to points.

Peter Dawson
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Despite repeated rejections, LIV Golf leaders do not intend to give up on their goals. They must address the issues preventing them from obtaining ranking points.

"With contracts and team captains, there are many ways to stay on the LIV tour even if you are not playing well.

If LIV could find a way to come up with a more open competition style and relegation, we would certainly consider that.”- Dawson said.

Dawson also emphasized that the LIV Golf tour operates with entirely different rules and norms that do not align with the OWGR system. If they truly want the right to ranking points, it will be necessary for them to adapt to what OWGR requires. Time will tell whether the leadership of LIV Golf intends to adjust or if, despite everything, they will persist in their intentions and stick to their system.

“This is about, should a tour whose formats are so different and whose qualification criteria are so different, can they be ranked equitably with other tours who conform to the OWGR norm and have more competition to them than perhaps the closed shop that is LIV?”- he concluded.

Bryson DeChambeau: Golfers have the power to change many things

DeChambeau believes that certain individuals want to manipulate the golf scene. Since the PGA Tour provides ranking points, it serves as a way for the PGA Tour to retain individuals on the tour, potentially influencing some to attempt a return to the PGA Tour. DeChambeau is not pleased with this outcome.

DeChambeau is stressing that the players, not the PGA Tour, have the ultimate say in decisions. He suggests that if all players decided to stop playing, it would have a big impact. DeChambeau also talks about the need to overcome egos on both sides for the game of golf to move in the right direction.  Bryson is a golfer who has emphasized many times that golfers are more powerful than they think. Although it has been shown that they are not so involved in individual decisions in the world of golf, in recent months, many have raised their voices about it, and the consequences could be immediately seen.

The fact is that both sides are unwilling to compromise and firmly stand behind their positions. On one side, we have the PGA Tour, which is also a Tour with tradition and prestige. 

On the other side, we have LIV Golf, which emphasizes the importance of competition in the world of golf, stating that this sport cannot progress without it. 

LIV Golf asserts that golf as a sport must advance, and certain innovations are necessary. This is why the leaders of LIV Golf have introduced a multitude of innovations. 

Currently, the majority is against LIV Golf, but it is also a fact that LIV Golf, with its arrival, has attracted even more attention to this sport. As much frustration and anger as it has brought, it has also sparked excitement and additional interest.

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