Callum Tarren frustrated with PGA Tour changes

"You’re not in all the big events, so I tried to play as much as I could and obviously keep my card, which I ended up doing. "

by Sead Dedovic
Callum Tarren frustrated with PGA Tour changes
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What is clear in the last year is that many PGA Tour players are frustrated with the policies of this Tour. This is one of the reasons why many have decided to join LIV Golf, in addition to the financial benefits.

Callum Tarren is one of the golfers unhappy with the PGA Tour changes. In an interview with Golf Monthly, Tarren emphasized that he had to play in 61 tournaments to keep his card. 

However, the fact that there are now Signature Events is another reason for frustration for this talented Englishman. 

It has been two years since his debut, and this amazing golfer recalls his initial moments that were challenging. He knew that if he wanted to achieve his goal, playing as many events as possible was crucial. It's challenging, but if you want to prioritize your career and achieve the goal, in this case, you have to play a large number of events.

"My first year, which was 2022, you are a rookie on the PGA Tour so you kind of have to play when you get your opportunities.

You’re not in all the big events, so I tried to play as much as I could and obviously keep my card, which I ended up doing. 

And then last year I didn’t get off to the start that I wanted, so I think it forced me to maybe backload my schedule. So yeah, that’s why I played that many events."- Tarren said.

Callum Tarren on PGA Tour changes

Callum Tarren, a golfer, isn't happy with recent changes in the PGA Tour. He mentioned a new $3 billion deal and explained that there's now a system where some events are more important, but only the top 50 players can participate in them.  A few golfers, including some top ones, have talked about this issue, as lower-ranked golfers won't have a chance to showcase their talent and impress everyone. However, PGA Tour officials are doing what is marketable at the moment and will generate interest among fans.

Tarren is not in that top group right now, and he feels these changes are like having two separate tours; one for the top players with big events, and another for players like him who are not there yet. He sees this as a challenge and hopes to prove himself to have more opportunities in the future. The only thing that matters to him at the moment is to give his best and try to improve. He is confident in his abilities but also aware that he will have to show the world that he deserves a place in the biggest tournaments.

This 33-year-old golfer has also shared his opinion on LIV Golf. It seems that Callum appreciates the system implemented by LIV Golf. What impresses many is that LIV Golf doesn't have as many events as the PGA Tour. Former PGA Tour players have mentioned this as one of the reasons for joining LIV Golf. Although Tarren emphasizes that there is pressure to play in LIV Golf, it is much more challenging to be part of the PGA Tour and keep your card.

Like many other golfers, Callum Tarren dreams of achieving success in golf so he can move with his family to a popular golfing area in Orlando, Florida. He envisions having a home in both England and America, which he sees as an ideal scenario. However, he emphasizes the challenges of managing family life, especially with a young family, and talks about the ongoing balancing act of handling these aspects of life, considering them both positive challenges and difficulties.

PGA Tour
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Such statements from PGA Tour golfers can certainly awaken the leaders of this Tour to carefully assess whether their innovations and plans bring happiness to the golfers. 

Many times before, PGA Tour golfers have emphasized that the leaders of this Tour don't think too much about them, and what has frustrated them the most is the lack of involvement in certain decisions. It was best felt when the story of the merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour suddenly emerged.

When you don't have happy golfers on your Tour, it's hard to expect positive things in the future. The fact that LIV Golf has 'stolen' some golfers from the PGA Tour can be particularly concerning for the leaders of this Tour. 

Their imperative is to keep the best players on their Tour. 

SSG has invested a huge amount of money in them, which can be especially pleasing. However, even that sometimes is not a guarantee that a few won't leave the PGA Tour.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds and whether PGA Tour leaders will change certain things.

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