Andrew Chandler Believes in the Possibility of Rory McIlroy Joining LIV: An Analysis

"Rory is of the ilk that he’ll say something because he likes to have an opinion."- Chandler said.

by Sead Dedovic
Andrew Chandler Believes in the Possibility of Rory McIlroy Joining LIV: An Analysis
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Rory McIlroy, as many are familiar, was one of the prominent critics of the LIV Golf. Given that Northern Ireland was also part of the PGA Tour Policy Board, his task was to criticize the Tour that supports Saudi Arabia, specifically PIF. 

McIlroy chose to criticize many of his colleagues at times when they decided to leave the PGA Tour and pursue a path that would bring them money. 

Frustrated with such behavior, McIlroy emphasized that it is crucial to be loyal in tough times for the PGA Tour. 

Loyalty is still an unfamiliar word to some, even then and now. 

What surprised many, and can be said shocked, is the change in McIlroy's stance. At the beginning of this year, Rory emphasized that he had changed his attitude towards LIV Golf and believes that anyone who has joined LIV Golf has the right to return to the PGA Tour. 

Rory went so far as to apologize for his earlier comments. This sparked a flood of comments about McIlroy. Many believe that this is an indication that McIlroy might leave the PGA Tour in the future and follow the path of some of his colleagues. 

It would probably be the most shocking decision in the history of this sport. 

Looking at the stance that PGA Tour leaders had towards LIV Golfers could be one reason why McIlroy might join LIV Golf. Many potential reasons are in play. 

Former agent of the brilliant Northern Irishman, Andrew "Chubby" Chandler, confirmed in a media interview that Rory's statements could be an indication of his departure from the PGA Tour.

"I'm sure it's a possibility," Chandler said, as quoted by

Chandler believes that McIlroy's statements while having a dose of sincerity, could imply something entirely different. McIlroy's move to LIV Golf would entail a massive sum of money that LIV Golf executives would have to provide. It would likely be the highest amount that LIV Golf would offer to a golfer.

Chubby Chandler
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Chandler thinks that his contract could be between £750 million and $950 million. These are truly incredible figures that need no further commentary. McIlroy's former agent believes that McIlroy is employing various strategies to pave the way for the future.

"Rory is of the ilk that he’ll say something because he likes to have an opinion, but he’s quite happy to apologize for it, and that’s what he’s done. If you were being cynical, you might say he’s going to sign for about £750 million [$950 million] in a month’s time with LIV because he’s paving the way that LIV’s okay now, whereas it wasn’t."Who knows? He doesn’t need £750 million [$950 million] but it’s odd what he’s done and I’m sure it’s a possibility. If he does it or not, I don’t know, but if Rahm can do it, most guys can do it."

Andrew Chandler: Rory is not shy in having an opinion and not slow to apologize

Looking at the example of Jon Rahm, Chandler emphasizes that the departure of any golfer no longer surprises him. It is evident that many do not respect the PGA Tour nor believe in loyalty when presented with a substantial amount of money. Because of this, Chandler also believes that Rory could change his opinion. Such an option is still not considered realistic by many, but given everything that has happened in the last two years, all options are on the table.

"It’s typical Rory. Rory is not shy in having an opinion and not slow to apologize if he’s got that wrong. When he turned pro in 2008, we were sat on a bench at Gleneagles, and I had Rory telling me that the Ryder Cup meant nothing at all to him. 'It was just an exhibition match. I’m here to win majors.' There’s nobody bigger into the Ryder Cup now than Rory McIlroy."

Chandler is a person who has collaborated with McIlroy for a long time and is familiar with his character and mindset.

According to Chandler, this is characteristic of Rory's personality. Rory is known for expressing his opinions openly and is quick to apologize if he realizes he's made a mistake. Chandler recalls a past incident in 2008 when Rory, upon turning pro, dismissed the importance of the Ryder Cup, considering it just an exhibition match and emphasizing his focus on winning majors. In the last few years, McIlroy has repeatedly emphasized how important the Ryder Cup and its conquest are for a golfer's career, especially when achieving victory on foreign soil.

However, over time, Rory's perspective on the Ryder Cup has evolved, and now he is one of the biggest supporters of the event. This emphasizes Rory's willingness to reconsider his views and adapt throughout his career. Having such a golfer on the team is the dream of every Ryder Cup team captain.

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