Rory McIlroy's response to PGA Tour changes and shocking reaction to LIV Golf rumors

"It's supposed to be competitive. Supposed to be cutthroat."- he reacted to PGA Tour changes

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy's response to PGA Tour changes and shocking reaction to LIV Golf rumors
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The changes introduced by the PGA Tour have caused frustration among lower-ranked golfers and newcomers. It will now be much more challenging to secure and maintain a tour card. The new system on the PGA Tour has raised concerns among fans, but the fact is that many mostly desire to watch the top golfers. Rory McIlroy, a brilliant golfer and someone considered an ambassador for the PGA Tour, emphasized in a media interview that he is aware that this is a tough situation for many PGA Tour players. However, the decision was made by the leaders, and neither Rory nor other top golfers can have much influence on it.

“Yeah, seems like it's getting more difficult to get your card and it seems like it's more difficult to keep your card, especially with this sort of tiered system now we have on Tour.”- McIlroy said, as quoted by

McIlroy understands why many are upset with the new PGA Tour system but emphasizes that if you get a chance, it's necessary to prove yourself. The Northern Irishman gave several examples of golfers who realized they had to seize the opportunity and truly succeeded. Such a system changes many things. However, the PGA Tour system is prone to changes, and we will see whether it will bring more positive than negative aspects.

“I mean, I understand it, but then you look at what Nick Dunlap did at Amex or what Jake Knapp did last week, I get that you need the opportunities, but when you do get those opportunities, you just need to go out there and play well.”-McIlroy continued.

Northern Ireland's McIlroy is aware that as a top-ranked golfer, it's challenging for him to speak about new and lower-ranked golfers since he is not in such a position. Being patient is somewhat difficult for everyone, but that is all they have left.

“It’s sort of hard for me to speak to it because I've fortunately never been in that position. And it's hard to sit here and be like stay patient, because it's tough."

PGA Tour leaders, especially after the emergence of LIV Golf, were considering their options at that time. The goal was to strengthen the product and make the PGA Tour one of the most competitive and exciting places for all fans. One of the moves was the creation of 'Signature Events.'  In 2024, 'Signature Events' will be eight special tournaments showing top players, offering higher prize money, and awarding the winner with 700 FedExCup points.

But it's supposed to be tough I think is the thing. It's supposed to be competitive. Supposed to be cutthroat. And I think that's sort of what we're trying to make the Tour, is more like that, so that you try to make the most competitive product that you can.”- McIlroy said.

Rory McIlroy, in a media interview, responded to statements made by his former agent, Andrew 'Chubby' Chandler, who suggested that McIlroy might leave the PGA Tour. For many, this was a surprising statement, given that the Northern Irishman has been one of the biggest critics of LIV Golf since its creation. 

Andrew Chandler, Rory McIlroy and Fitzgerald
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However, it seems like Rory's opinion has suddenly changed. Of course, this immediately sparked a great number of reactions, with a particular emphasis on the possibility of McIlroy leaving the PGA Tour. 

Rory McIlroy on joining LIV Golf

Just a month ago, McIlroy expressed his opinion that LIV Golfers should have the right to return to the PGA Tour without big issues. In a media interview before competing in the Cognizanz Classic in Palm Beach, Florida, Rory responded to his former agent's statements, surprising everyone present with his response.

You never know,” he said, “He might know a few things. Who knows.”

In the same interview, Chandler emphasized that he believes the chances of Rory joining LIV Golf are somewhere between good and 10%.

 “Somewhere in the middle, maybe.”

It's super-hard to assess whether McIlroy was being ironic in his statements or if there is indeed a degree of sincerity in his remarks. The future will best reveal McIlroy's plans. 

Considering the events and chaos in the golf scene over the past year and more, there is nothing that can surprise us. Although McIlroy's departure seemed like an impossible mission and the last thing that would happen, things are quickly changing. 

Of course, we don't want to preclude that Rory will actually leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf, but there are possibilities. Hopefully, the situation will calm down. We want to see the best golfers in one place, although we are increasingly distant from such an option.

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