Anthony Kim on his return: I don't have too many nerves right now

"After stepping away from the game years ago due to injury, I’m happy to officially announce my return to the world of professional golf."- Kim said.

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Kim on his return: I don't have too many nerves right now
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Anthony Kim is a golfer we had the opportunity to watch on the golf course in the past. However, the surprising decision to leave golf in 2012 meant that we haven't seen Kim for 12 years. The last time he competed was at the Wells Fargo Championship in 2012. 

Nevertheless, 12 years later, Kim has decided to return to his greatest love: golf! Ready to show his skills once again, Kim has chosen to sign a contract with LIV Golf and continue his career on the tour that rivals the PGA Tour. 

In a media interview, Kim expressed excitement and happiness about the new opportunity. Despite many ups and downs in his career, he always had the intention to come back and prove to the world that he never gives up. Anthony is particularly happy to continue his career with LIV Golf and looks forward to the new challenge.

"After stepping away from the game years ago due to injury, I’m happy to officially announce my return to the world of professional golf.

It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very grateful for all the highs, lows and lessons learned from the first part of my career. I want to compete with the best players in the world, and I’m on a mission to prove to myself that I can win again.

The next step on that journey starts now, and I’m excited to give everything I’ve got this season on the LIV Golf League."- Kim said, as quoted by

LIV Golf CEO, Greg Norman, is a figure whose statement is crucial for any signature to go through. Norman is known as a dedicated individual ready to improve LIV Golf. 

It can be said that he has partially succeeded in this intentions, but he intends to continue working and make LIV Golf the strongest Tour. 

Commenting on Kim's signing, Norman emphasized that LIV Golf was created to provide opportunities for players. Norman is well acquainted with Kim and his qualities, believing he is a fantastic addition to this Tour. 

He didn't elaborate much on Kim's talent. 

Greg is thrilled that LIV Golf has the chance to be strengthened by players of such caliber. Interestingly, Kim shares the same fire and passion to show how great he is. LIV Golf's CEO does not doubt that he, as an individual, and everyone else will support him in this new adventure. It's not easy to come back after a long absence, but Kim knew what he wanted.

Anthony Kim is excited about the new opportunity

Kim expressed his current focus on performing well in the upcoming week of golf. He acknowledged having a few weeks of competitive golf ahead and indicated that he would share his story when the timing is right. At the moment, his primary concentration is on the game. He doesn't want anything to stop him on his path. Kim was already one of the more promising golfers 12 years ago, with high expectations for great achievements.

Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim© Francois Nel/Getty Images Sport

However, to become a great and successful golfer, sometimes luck is crucial, and Kim truly didn't have it. Just when he thought he was recovering from an injury, a new one would emerge, or the old one would resurface. In such an atmosphere, you lose motivation and the desire for golf. We hope that now, 12 years later, Kim doesn't have any injury issues and won't face them in the future.

He shared his excitement about being on the golf course with his daughter and family, relishing the experience provided by LIV Golf. Kim expressed that he missed not only the game of golf but also the competitive aspect. He is eager to be in the heat of the moment and relish the opportunity to achieve something special once again.

Kim is a personality having immense confidence. He is aware that these are moments when he must train and work harder than ever. Golf as a sport has evolved greatly, and to stay competitive, one must give their utmost effort, especially because he has been absent from the big stage for 12 years. 

Kim admitted: "I don't have too many nerves right now", but he just wants to enjoy.

This outstanding golfer highlighted that he is not familiar with many current players, but through his performances, he will have the opportunity to get to know them and convince them of his capabilities.

Anthony is a golfer that many remember with nostalgia, emphasizing that he was truly a promising player. Perhaps LIV Golf will provide an excellent platform for his progress. We'll see what Anthony will show us in the next few months.