Rory McIlroy surprised many with how he motivates himself: It's on my gym wall

“But I like to keep those, and they’re all in my gym, sort of more for motivation."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy surprised many with how he motivates himself: It's on my gym wall
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Rory McIlroy will be aiming to win the Masters this year, with the goal of completing the Grand Slam. The Northern Irishman is motivated like never before to achieve the success he has been striving for over the past several years. 

The irony of life is that when you desire something so much that it creates immense pressure, you often don't achieve your goal. Being calm is crucial. 

However, only the mentally strongest and most experienced can achieve this. Rory McIlroy is one of them. Despite making huge mistakes in previous years by succumbing to pressure and paying attention to individuals' statements in the media about him, Rory no longer has such intentions. With years, he has matured as a golfer, learned many things, and seems mentally stronger than ever. The upcoming tournaments will be an opportunity for him to continue where he left off.

Many wonder how Rory McIlroy motivates himself. Interestingly, in an interview for talkSPORT2, McIlroy admitted that he keeps the flags from the 18th greens on the wall of his gym. This is one of the ways he wants to motivate himself to achieve success. McIlroy also highlighted that there are many trophies in his collection, which also motivate him to succeed.

"Yeah, so I know a lot of players give their caddies the flags from the 18th greens,” McIlroy said, as quoted by

“But I like to keep those, and they’re all in my gym, sort of more for motivation.

I go in there and I see all the flags on the wall and I want to add flags to those walls. That’s my motivation. The trophies are really cool and great to look at them and see all the names that came before you. That’s amazing."

McIlroy emphasized that having trophies is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it evokes nostalgia and makes you aware of your abilities, instilling confidence. On the other hand, it reminds you that you must continue winning trophies if you want to be remembered as one of the greatest. McIlroy is a man intending to win many more trophies in his career. His career is marked by successes, and winning the Masters is not his sole goal. Throughout each tournament, McIlroy aims to go all the way and lift the trophy. This determination is what has made him one of the best golfers.

Northern Ireland emphasized that he turned professional in 2007, marking this as the 17th season in his career. He is aware that in the same number of years, he will be 51. 

Rory McIlroy understands the fact that time passes quickly and can deceive. Sometimes you think you have a lot of time, and in the meantime, you don't do enough. 

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images Sport

Rory is not one of those.

McIlroy believes that he is close to the turn at this point. From his statements, it can be inferred that Rory has a good feeling about his future and what lies ahead. Optimism is crucial for him. 

Northern Ireland reacted to a reporter's question about whether he will have the same hunger for success in the next 17 years. McIlroy is not quite sure about having the same hunger for the next 17, but for the next 10, certainly. The conversation ended with a smile, "Or just get a green jacket and walk away!"

Rory McIlroy and the Masters: Mentality, philosophy, and what can we expect?

When we mention Rory McIlroy, for many, the first thought is the Masters. Regardless of everything you achieve, there will always be that one thing everyone holds against you. McIlroy has realized that he can't change much, except for winning the Masters. 

However, it can be sensed that McIlroy doesn't want to talk much about the Masters in his statements or analyze things. The mistakes he once made, he doesn't want to make anymore. 

McIlroy seems to have a special tactic at this moment: to remain calm, stay quiet, and then surprise everyone at the Masters. There is just a little over a month left until the start of the Masters. Fans of Northern Ireland hope that he will show his brilliance and convince everyone of his qualities. That would probably be a defining moment in his career.

This year's Masters will be without most of the LIV Golfers, which will make a difference compared to some other Masters. Talor Gooch's statement from a few days ago that McIlroy's victory at the Masters would have an asterisk because many LIV Golfers will be absent has sparked a great number of reactions. Many criticize Gooch for such statements. Another motivation for McIlroy to achieve victory!

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