Ian Poulter Questions the World Tour Idea: Are We Not Already Playing That Now?

“Again, someone else wants a different product."- Poulter said.

by Sead Dedovic
Ian Poulter Questions the World Tour Idea: Are We Not Already Playing That Now?
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Year after year, the idea of a World Tour emerges, but many are against such an option. One of them is the popular golfer, Ian Poulter. While some of his colleagues have emphasized multiple times how fantastic the World Tour idea is, Poulter is not one to support such an option. In a conversation with Gulf News, Poulter had an interesting reaction to such an idea.

“Are we not already playing that now?” Poulter said.

“Again, someone else wants a different product. We’ve got 54 players on LIV Golf right now, with arguably over half of them the best players in the world, so why does this product have to change?"

Poulter continues to provoke PGA Tour fans, believing that they are envious of the LIV Golf product. He thinks that golf needs a new product and emphasizes that LIV Golf features 54 players on the Tour, with, according to Poulter, half of them being the best in the world at the moment. Ian emphasizes that LIV Golf is an excellent product that doesn't need any changes.

Recall that the 48-year-old golfer joined LIV Golf in June 2022, a decision that caused many reactions. Poulter is one of the golfers frequently criticized, especially for his PGA Tour critiques. However, this experienced golfer has no intention of reconsidering and remains firm in his philosophy of criticizing the PGA Tour.

Poulter is frustrated with the frequent comments about the World Tour. According to him, LIV Golf is essentially the World Tour, and he believes there's no need to change the product. He has been one of the biggest supporters of LIV Golf since its inception. The experienced golfer emphasized that he is tired of hearing comments from experts and fans

“This is technically a World Tour anyway right now, so why do we have to change our product because someone thinks it will suit them better if they’re involved in another product.

I’m sick of playing the what if game. I’m sick of listening to people’s rubbish to be honest.”

Rory McIlroy on World Tour scenario

Despite being one of the most vocal critics of LIV Golf, Rory McIlroy has often spoken about the Global Tour, considering it a fantastic option for everyone. However, this idea doesn't seem acceptable to others. The Northern Irishman believes all continents must be involved in this narrative, making golf a global sport. 

Although tournaments are already played across the world, McIlroy thinks certain changes are needed to bring additional excitement to both fans and players. 

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Vivien Killilea / Getty Images Sport

Golf is a sport undergoing great changes, and there's no doubt that the Global Tour could potentially be one of those changes. Rory, with his experience and having entered the big stage at a young age, understands the golf landscape well and what needs to be altered. Perhaps his perspective will reach the ears of golf organization leaders who are willing to embrace such innovations

“I think there has to be a component of the southern hemisphere, Australia, South Africa,” he said. “There obviously has to be a component of the far east, whether that be Korea, Japan, China. Obviously the Middle East as well. We’ve been going to the Middle East for a long time, but obviously Dubai, Saudi, and then sort of working our way from east to west and back into the United States for the sort of spring, summertime.

I don’t think it will look too dissimilar to what it is right now, but maybe the front end of the year and the back end of the year might look a little different. I don’t think we need to blow everything up, but there definitely needs to be some tweaks, I think.”- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by irishgolfer.ie

Rory McIlroy has several ideas in mind, and one of them is for the world's best golfers to participate in a global tour. Such systems already exist in some popular sports worldwide. Considering that golf is losing popularity, especially among younger audiences, this idea appears fantastic. The Northern Irishman also commented on the performances of Max Homa and Justin Thomas in South Africa, suggesting that American golfers have the desire to travel the world. Such a product would require meeting the needs of both fans and sponsors. If such a product fulfills the expectations of fans and sponsors, then we could certainly see such a scenario in the future.

Hopefully, in the upcoming period, we can indeed witness positive changes that will satisfy everyone. Golf is a sport with history and tradition, and it is crucial to offer fans what is needed

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