Anthony Kim's Determination: Disappointment in Performance, Ready to Give His Best

"[I'm] obviously disappointed with the score, but I played much better than the score."

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Kim's Determination: Disappointment in Performance, Ready to Give His Best
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Anthony Kim has not appeared on the big stage for almost 12 years. After retiring from the world of golf in 2012, Kim signed a contract with LIV Golf this year, making a comeback to the golf scene. He made his debut at LIV Golf Jeddah. Although he may not be pleased with his performance, the most important thing for him is that he has returned to the sport he loves. Seven bogeys and one birdie for a 6-over 76 is not exactly a reason for happiness, but, as already mentioned, the mere fact that he is back in the world of golf can be a reason for joy for this golfer.

Kim emphasized at the end of the day that he is not happy with his performance and believes he can certainly do better. What can bring him joy is that he feels progress in his game and believes he is not far from his goal. Kim is a golfer who believes in himself even when things are toughest. When your career is marked by numerous injuries and you come back despite everything, it speaks volumes about how ready you are to achieve great results

"[I'm] obviously disappointed with the score, but I played much better than the score. I've got a lot to build on. Just made a lot of unforced errors, and that was unfortunate, but I feel like I'm not that far away."- he said, as quoted by

Kim emphasized that he has no intention of deceiving anyone and had certain expectations from everything. Even when playing poorly, he expected to shoot around par. However, unforced errors from the middle of the fairway prevented him from achieving his goal, despite it being his strong suit. 

He is disappointed that he couldn't show his best, especially in that aspect, but he is ready to give his best in the next two days. His focus is to hit good shots, and he has no intention of comparing himself to others. This great golfer is aware that it takes some time for him to peak. Currently, he 'intends to take it one shot at a time, as cliché as that is'.

Anthony also reflected on the emotions he felt before approaching the first tee.

He described it as a unique and exciting feeling, emphasizing the challenge of hitting the narrow fairway. Reflecting on his initial performance, Kim acknowledged a positive start but admitted to making an unforced error with his second shot, contributing to several such mistakes. Despite the visible errors, he believes he played better than the final score suggests and expresses confidence in quickly improving and minimizing these errors in future rounds.

Anthony Kim on his return

Five days ago, Anthony Kim confirmed his return to the golf scene, sparking surprise and excitement among fans. Many had the opportunity to witness the brilliant Kim and attest to his qualities. However, questions arise about the toll such a prolonged absence, lasting 12 years, will take. Additionally, concerns linger about whether injuries will continue to be part of his career, potentially disrupting his future plans. 

Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim© Francois Nel/Getty Images Sport

Kim chooses not to focus too much on the negative and intends to be as good as he once was. It will take some time and several upcoming tournaments to see the best of him. Expecting Kim to immediately deliver his best upon return is hard, if not impossible. Patience will be crucial. If he remains patient and focused, there is no doubt he can achieve great things in LIV Golf

“After stepping away from the game years ago due to injury, I’m happy to officially announce my return to the world of professional golf. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m very grateful for all the highs, lows and lessons learned from the first part of my career. I want to compete with the best players in the world, and I’m on a mission to prove to myself that I can win again. The next step on that journey starts now, and I’m excited to give everything I’ve got this season on the LIV Golf League.”-Kim said. 

Kim emphasized his satisfaction with the LIV Golf product, which provides opportunities for the best players. Greg Norman, LIV Golf CEO, is excited about having such a golfer join. Norman and the Tour's leaders have significant ambitions for the future. If they continue to engage such golfers in the future, it is certain that they have good chances to enhance LIV Golf.

He is aware that he is opening a new chapter in his life. The imperative is to once again convince the world that he is a golfer deserving of attention.