Famous golf analyst: The best players aren't on the PGA Tour

"They’re scattered all over the place and that’s a sad day that’s similar to what happened in tennis."

by Sead Dedovic
Famous golf analyst: The best players aren't on the PGA Tour
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Paul Azinger, the former lead golf analyst for NBC Sports, is not happy with the current situation in the golf scene that has been ongoing for the past few years. The arrival of LIV Golf has disrupted plans for many. 

The PGA Tour felt the consequences, but it seems that the executives of this Tour finally have a solution for everything. 

SSG Investment has sparked positive reactions, and in addition to that, a potential merger with LIV Golf is one of the options. 

In an interview with Golfweek, Azinger talked about his departure from NBC, which did not want to extend its collaboration with him. 

Paul was content with his job and expected to continue his business adventure with NBC. However, the executives of this TV network believed it was time to part ways. Azinger had the opportunity to work for several well-known TV networks.

“For me to be able to do NBC was the greatest opportunity and blessing. I was the lead analyst at ABC, at ESPN, and at NBC and that was awesome,” he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

“I’ve had two full careers and it was a great run. I’m so grateful that I had the chance to do NBC. I wish it could have ended up better for me. I was ready to keep going and I thought we were negotiating in good faith."

As someone who has been in this sport for years, Azinger is disappointed with the current developments. He had quite different expectations. The fact that many golfers are scattered across two Tours is not what golf fans want to see. Big names will not have the opportunity to play together in major tournaments.

"I don’t want to get in too much hot water and make big headlines or anything but the best players aren’t on the PGA Tour.

They’re scattered all over the place and that’s a sad day that’s similar to what happened in tennis. The best players are going to be at the four Majors, just like tennis, and it’s unfolding right before our eyes.”

NBC will have to find a replacement for Azinger, a person who did his job in a brilliant way. Several names are in play, and it won't be easy to decide who will have such an important role. Azinger has decided to speak about his future. Reporters were interested in whether he is interested in working as a commentator on LIV Golf. Although Azinger doesn't rule out such an option, he believes it won't happen. He is a person who doesn't want to completely rule out anything. He emphasized that he would "rather call the Senior Tour than the PGA Tour" to tell the truth.

"I’m over the PGA Tour. To call the best senior players in the world, at least they’re the best.”- he said.

More and more often, we can see that famous golf commentators, experts, and golfers express concern about what is happening. Considering what golf is, its prestige and tradition, and how much it means to its fans, few could have expected that such conflicts and problems could potentially arise. However, when money comes into play, many things fall by the wayside. This was best noticed when LIV Golf appeared.

Viktor Hovland reacts to the current situation on the golf scene

Viktor Hovland, like most of his colleagues, wants to see the best golfers in one place. As one of the most promising golfers, there are high expectations for Hovland. The Norwegian hopes that the future can be different for him and his colleagues. Unity seems like the only logical and reasonable option at the moment. It's hard to assess the chances of the deal being reached, but there is no other option but to be optimistic.

Viktor Hovland
Viktor Hovland© Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images Sport

“It’s a little comical to see what’s going on in the game of golf, but I hope there’s a resolution in the future because at the end of the day, I just want to compete at the best golf courses, the best tournaments and against the best players,” he said on Claude Harmon's Son of a Butch podcast.

Hovland emphasized that it's a great thing that LIV Golf decided to bring money into the golf scene. In addition, the competitive factor is also important for Hovland. However, he is not particularly pleased with the response from the PGA Tour, which also wants to base its future on money. In moments when they face a significant threat from LIV Golf, it's not surprising that PGA Tour officials decided to seek the right investor. The pick fell on PIF.

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