Greg Norman and LIV Golf: No More OWGR Points Pursuit!

"OWGR [Official World Golf Rankings] has shown little willingness to productively work with us."- Norman said.

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman and LIV Golf: No More OWGR Points Pursuit!
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Greg Norman and the leaders of LIV Golf shocked many after deciding to withdraw their application for world ranking status. The LIV CEO sent a letter to their players, stating that LIV had requested the four majors to change the qualification system and allow LIV Golfers to compete there. LIV Golf leaders have become tired of constant rejections from the OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) and realized they must find an alternative for their players to have the opportunity to participate in Major tournaments.

“We have made significant efforts to fight for you and ensure your accomplishments are recognised within the existing ranking system. Unfortunately, OWGR [Official World Golf Rankings] has shown little willingness to productively work with us.”- Greg Norman wrote, as quoted by TELEGRAPH.

Norman has emphasized many times before that LIV Golf possesses a large number of talents and high-quality golfers who can make a difference at Major tournaments. Although they initially guaranteed their players that they would be awarded ranking points and have the opportunity to compete in Majors, this has not yet happened. Norman hopes that these four Majors will be receptive to his desires and the desires of the rest of the leaders and LIV Golfers. Greg emphasizes that the essence of golf is to watch the best golfers at major competitions, and the current situation does not suit them at all.

“We continue to seek meaningful communication and relationships with each of the majors to ensure that LIV golfers are fairly represented and golf fans around the world have opportunities to see the best competition possible,” Norman said.

Although LIV Golf leaders tried to reapply for OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) points a few months ago, they were once again rejected. They realized that meeting the conditions set by OWGR to be eligible for ranking points would be challenging. OWGR board chairman Peter Dawson emphasized that he has no doubt about the quality of LIV Golfers but mentioned other obstacles related to the LIV Golf system, which is why they cannot accept their request and award them with ranking points.

Peter Dawson
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“We are not at war with them. This decision not to make them eligible is not political. It is entirely technical. LIV players are self-evidently good enough to be ranked. They’re just not playing in a format where they can be ranked equitably with the other 24 tours and thousands of players to compete on them.”-Peter Dawson said.

Bryson DeChambeau disappointed with the OWGR agenda

The majority of LIV Golfers are disappointed with such treatment, considering they did not anticipate OWGR to be so demanding. Bryson DeChambeau, known for his honesty and boldness, expressed in December of last year that it is frustrating that LIV Golfers do not have the right to ranking points. DeChambeau believes that OWGR officials have a clear philosophy and intend to destroy LIV Golf. Bryson believes that OWGR leaders are 'buying time' and aim to make LIV Golf one of the tours that will not be relevant in the future.

 "I know their agenda," DeChambeau said on The Rick Shiels Golf Show.

"We know their whole playbook, we see exactly what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to hold us out long enough to where we’re irrelevant. 'Oh we’ll give you points now, we’re gonna play nice in the sandbox'. But then we’re all irrelevant, we don’t have enough points to even fill a field."

Cameron Smith frustrated with OWGR decisions

Cameron Smith is also similar to DeChambeau. This young Australian expressed frustrations last year when LIV Golf was once again rejected by OWGR. Time is ticking away, and changes are on the horizon. Smith has emphasized many times that some of the best golfers in the world play on LIV Golf but do not receive enough respect from the majority. Judging by Smith's statements, the Australian does not believe that OWGR has a certain level of credibility.

"I think it (the OWGR) is almost obsolete now. We've got some guys out here who are playing some of the best golf in the world and they're outside the top 100, 200 in the world. It's pretty ridiculous."

According to many, this will be the last hope for Norman, LIV Golf executives, and golfers to truly secure participation in Majors. Most were aware that joining LIV Golf would require patience, understanding they wouldn't have the immediate opportunity to compete in Majors. Nevertheless, they were eager to sign contracts and earn significant money. Many golf fans believe that keeping LIV Golf in uncertainty is necessary, considering the move from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf is seen as a betrayal by many.

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