Total break between the LIV and the ranking

After over a year and a half of unsuccessful attempts, the LIV has withdrawn its request to the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) for recognition of its tournaments

by Andrea Gussoni
Total break between the LIV and the ranking
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After over a year and a half of unsuccessful attempts, the LIV has withdrawn its request to the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) for recognition of its tournaments. Greg Norman, CEO of the Arabian Super League, announced this through a letter sent to the players.

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"It is now clear that the best solution for the LIV, as a league, and for you golfers, does not lie within the current ranking system. There is no longer a resolution that can protect the accuracy, credibility, and integrity of the OWGR rankings.

We have made enormous efforts to ensure that your results could be recognized within the existing system; unfortunately, the OWGR has shown little willingness to work productively with us," Norman wrote among other things.

The former golfer then explained to LIV members how they will continue to engage with the four organizations that oversee the different Majors to ensure them more opportunities to participate in Grand Slam events. The genesis of a potential challenger to the PGA Tour emerged in 2019 with the unveiling of plans for the Premier Golf League.

This initiative garnered public attention as a prospective alternative to the established tour. In response, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan hinted at potential repercussions for golfers opting to participate in the new league, suggesting they might face exclusion from PGA Tour events.

Amidst these developments, the landscape of professional golf underwent further shifts in 2020. The PGA European Tour and the PGA Tour joined forces, forming a "strategic alliance" aimed at exploring collaborative opportunities in areas such as commercial ventures, scheduling, and prize distributions for members of both tours.

Meanwhile, the Premier Golf League engaged in discussions with Saudi investors regarding potential financial backing. However, Golf Saudi, a division of the Public Investment Fund, opted to finance a separate venture in 2020, with ambitions to establish its own global professional league.

This initiative, often dubbed the "Super Golf League," formally materialized in October 2021 as LIV Golf Investments, with former professional golfer Greg Norman assuming the role of CEO. Comparisons between LIV Golf and the defunct European Super League in football have been drawn, highlighting the potential for significant disruption within the golfing sphere.

In July 2022, LIV Golf took a pivotal step by formally applying for inclusion in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR). This process typically spans one to two years from application to the granting of OWGR points. Subsequently, in October 2022, LIV Golf forged a strategic alliance with the MENA Tour.

While this collaboration aimed to provide immediate ranking points for LIV Golf events, adjustments to the MENA Tour necessitated further review, resulting in events in 2022 not receiving ranking points as initially anticipated.