Victor Hovland Criticizes OWGR, Stresses the Subjectivity of Golf Rankings

"Rankings are rankings, they're not objective truth."- Hovland said.

by Sead Dedovic
Victor Hovland Criticizes OWGR, Stresses the Subjectivity of Golf Rankings
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There is increasing talk about the OWGR (Official World Golf Ranking) and the fact that LIV Golf has withdrawn from the battle for ranking points. Specifically, Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, and the leadership of LIV Golf have requested the leaders of the four Majors to change the system to allow individuals from LIV Golf to participate in the biggest competitions. 

After being rejected twice by the OWGR, the leaders of this Tour have realized that they need to consider another option to enable their golfers to play in the Majors.

Although debates have been going on for months about whether LIV Golfers deserve to compete in the Majors, the situation for them has not improved since day one. Frustration and dissatisfaction can be sensed in the statements of many golfers currently participating in LIV Golf.

Viktor Hovland: I don't show up out to try to improve my World Ranking

Viktor Hovland, the young Norwegian golfer, is one of those who believes that the OWGR has long lost its credibility, as it is not a realistic indicator of the strength and abilities of golfers. The 26-year-old Norwegian will be competing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He emphasized that his goal is not to compete to earn new ranking points but to go as far as possible and achieve success.

"Rankings are rankings, they're not objective truth.

They're created to try to rank people the best they can. Obviously, now when you have a huge chunk of really, really good players who are not getting any ranking points, it definitely devalues that ranking. 

So, at the end of the day, I don't show up out here to try to improve my World Ranking, I show up because I want to win this tournament and that's it."- Viktor Hovland said, as quoted by

Many consider the Norwegian to be one of the greatest talents in the world of golf, and there are high expectations for him. Last year, he impressed many with his quality and maturity, with his participation in the Ryder Cup confirming his skills. However, this year hasn't been the best for him, as he hasn't particularly impressed fans in the first three events. Hovland highlighted what he sees as a key issue for him, emphasizing his swing. The Norwegian will have to work on this aspect, hoping that the future holds something better for him. He is a young golfer with a promising an
d long career ahead, and there is no doubt about that.

"It's just the mechanics of the swing. Just haven't been able to hit the shots that I want to. Obviously, you want to have good results, but when you're seeing a shot and your swing is not producing those shots, it becomes very tough to compete, especially at this level."- he continued.

Viktor Hovland aims to regain confidence through victories

Hovland mentioned that his recent results don't reflect his best performance but accurately show how he plays when he's not feeling great about his game. He admitted to feeling less confident, leading him to play defensively instead of with aggression or assurance. He understands the importance of returning to a more positive mindset. 

Golf is a mental game, much like any other sport. However, looking at Hovland and considering his age of 26, it's evident that there is ample room for improvement. The Norwegian needs to regain momentum, play an amazing tournament, and demonstrate to himself that he indeed has the potential to achieve even greater things.

He stressed the value of being able to stand on the range or golf course, visualize a shot, and successfully execute it. For Hovland, this process builds confidence. He believes that the final position in a tournament, whether it's 5th, 10th, or 20th, is not the most important aspect. Instead, what matters is being able to consistently visualize and execute shots, cultivating a strong belief in his ability to repeat these successes.

Like every golfer, Hovland wants to regain confidence and prove to himself that he is a great player. The fact that he played in the Ryder Cup for the Europeans, contributing to their victory, speaks volumes about how much everyone believes in him and his abilities. 

Viktor Hovland
Viktor Hovland© Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images Sport

Every golfer goes through a challenging period, and Hovland is no exception. This career phase is not a reason for him to be scared or fear what will happen. Such challenges only make a golfer like him stronger, emphasizing the importance of working hard every day. It will be interesting to see how Hovland performs in the upcoming tournament. Gaining confidence and getting back on the right track are crucial for him.