Seve Ballesteros' Impact on Phil Mickelson's Mentorship Style Unveiled

"A lot of people helped and supported me in my career early on."- Mickelson said.

by Sead Dedovic
Seve Ballesteros' Impact on Phil Mickelson's Mentorship Style Unveiled
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Phil Mickelson has always been an interesting figure in the golf scene, capturing attention with his presence. Despite facing harsh criticism since joining LIV Golf and becoming one of the main ambassadors for the Tour, many have gradually started to view Mickelson in a different light over time. 

Phil is a golfer with a lot of years on the big stage, boasting a history of success. However, a significant number of golf fans consider his association with LIV Golf a stain on his career. 

Mickelson disagrees with such opinions. 

Nevertheless, recent events surrounding Mickelson might potentially change perceptions about him for many. 

Caleb Surratt, a recent addition to LIV Golf at the beginning of this year, was seen training with Mickelson. Phil was providing advice on Surratt's short game, and the 19-year-old golfer attentively followed and listened to Mickelson with maximum focus. In a media interview, the 53-year-old American emphasized that he is always ready to help anyone who reaches out to him.

"I’m happy to do it. If somebody wants to reach out, I’m happy to help."- Phil Mickelson said, as quoted by

Mickelson, like any golfer, faced a lot of challenges at the beginning of his career. Starting a professional career comes with many hurdles that serve as opportunities for growth. 

Every golfer is likely to encounter obstacles at the start of his career, but it's a chance to learn and become the best version of oneself. 

Phil had the opportunity to learn many things from his more experienced and senior colleagues. He never hesitated to seek advice or explore ways to improve. This is one of the reasons why he built such a remarkable career. 

Phil Mickelson looked up to Seve Ballesteros as a role model

Mickelson is a golfer ready to offer advice to anyone, drawing inspiration from his early days in professional golf. He looked up to the legendary Seve Ballesteros and wanted to learn a lot from him. Ballesteros, too, was someone open to help anyone.

"A lot of people helped and supported me in my career early on.

I was a kid who looked up to Seve Ballesteros and had an opportunity to play with him in my first professional event when I was 17 and played a practice round with him and had a remarkable day, and then later on we both represented Hugo Boss and we would do some photo shoots, and in between shots, we would go have chipping contests."

Seve Ballesteros in 1980
Seve Ballesteros in 1980© Mike Lawn/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Phil Mickelson shared the advice he sought from Seve Ballesteros, particularly focusing on chipping, the short game, and various types of shots. This experience was unforgettable for him. When allowed to listen to such a legend, it becomes an ideal chance to learn something new. Ballesteros was a golfer whom Mickelson admired since childhood, and he looked up to him. These are some of the reasons why Phil wants to help new talents who are building their careers in LIV Golf or elsewhere.

Phil Mickelson believes in the LIV Golf project and is optimistic about the future

Phil Mickelson takes pride in being a part of LIV Golf and embraces the role of a leader on the course for the organization. He highlights the shared pride among all LIV Golf players and their enjoyment of the experience.  When you join such a project, beginnings can be challenging. In the initial stages, it's difficult to set expectations, and you don't know what will happen. You consciously engage in a project whose future is still uncertain. Mickelson, consulting with the leaders of this Tour, realized that LIV Golf is the best option for him and an opportunity to develop as a golfer and an individual. Mickelson seems to have not doubt from day one that LIV Golf could become a brand and a Tour that will be a dominant force in the years ahead.

Mickelson emphasizes the importance of playing well to contribute to LIV Golf's success, recognizing his on-course performance as a way to promote and support the organization effectively.  

From the first day, the American golfer has strived to be a person who will influence the progress of LIV Golf, always giving nothing less than his best. The fact is that LIV Golf has progressed since its creation, and its ambitions continue to grow day by day.

A large number of golfers have recently decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf. It seems that such a practice will continue in the future. The events in the golf scene are interesting, but for some, they provoke anger and frustration, considering they expected something entirely different. 

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