Sergio Garcia: I don’t even care about OWGR

"Mainly because even if I do care, they’re not going to give us world ranking points."- Garcia said.

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Garcia: I don’t even care about OWGR
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The OWGR debate is still ongoing. After LIV Golf was rejected by OWGR regarding ranking points, Greg Norman and the leaders of this Tour have requested the leaders of the four majors to change the qualification system to allow their players to be part of the Majors. 

Several LIV Golfers have reacted to Norman's demands, as well as the fact that OWGR has been ignoring requests from LIV Golf for a long time. 

One of the more well-known faces on LIV Golf is Sergio Garcia. The Spanish golfer, in an interview for Golf Magic, commented on the current happenings, and he doesn't seem particularly concerned. Garcia believes that OWGR points won't change much in the future, so he doesn't see a reason to be frustrated about it.

"To be totally honest, I don’t even care about it. Mainly because even if I do care, they’re not going to give us world ranking points, and even if they did, with the rankings that 90, 80 per cent of the guys have on LIV, it wouldn’t help us at all.

So at the end of the day, people want to see the best players in the world. Obviously, every week, but when it comes to majors, they want to see that, and I think the majors also want to see that, and so they know that some of us are not in the majors because of the way the world rankings are run at the moment."- Garcia said.

Sergio Garcia wants to compete in the Majors

For Garcia, the priority is to find a way to compete in the Majors. Every golfer dreams of competing in a Major, and the Spaniard is no exception. However, Garcia is aware that it will be a challenging task. He emphasized that there are several ways he could secure participation. 

Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia© Getty Images Sport - Cliff Hawkins / Staff

LIV Golf leaders are working hard to ensure the best conditions for their golfers and turn LIV Golf into a Tour that will allow golfers to become recognizable faces and potential Major winners in the future

"We’re just hopeful and trying to see if there’s other possibilities to, you know, to get ourselves or some of us into those majors. Some of us deserve to be there.

So obviously, there are always ways of qualifying, like I’m going to do myself, like trying to play the qualifiers for the US Open and The Open, but you know, we’ll see there are other ways that they can open it up because, at the end of the day, it’s the best for everyone to watch and it’s the best for the majors."

Sergio Garcia talked about his dreams and goals in golf. He wants to keep getting better, not just in golf but also as a person. He mentioned the importance of helping the community through charity work with his wife.The Spaniard aims to leave a mark on the world, not only as a brilliant golfer but also as a great person ready to help everyone

Garcia shared his wish to play in golf tournaments and do well, aiming for a victory. He also talked about his goal of participating in many major tournaments, especially expressing his dream of winning The Open. Despite coming close before, Garcia is determined to have more chances to achieve this dream before finishing his golfing career.

Sergio Garcia is impressed with Joaquin Niemann's performances: He’s a top 10 to 15 player in the world

According to many, Joaquin Niemann is considered one of the most interesting names on LIV Golf, given that the 26-year-old Chilean has been playing exceptionally well lately. Niemann is certainly a golfer in top form. Many are impressed by him and his performances, including Sergio Garcia, who has nothing but praise for him.

Garcia believes that Niemann belongs to the elite ranks of the golf scene. However, a huge issue for both of them is the fact that LIV Golfers do not have ranking points. Nevertheless, Garcia can find joy in the fact that he has received a Masters invite. He will have the opportunity to represent LIV Golf there and strive for an impressive result. If he maintains this momentum, we can expect the Chilean to surprise everyone.

"Yeah, it’s great, it’s great to see, but he’s been playing great. He’s a top 10 to 15 player in the world, without a doubt. He’s obviously started really well."- Garcia said. 

"He’s been playing very solid. I think he’s won three or four times in the last five months. So obviously he’s in good form. He’s hitting the ball well, and he’s hitting it far and straight, which always helps."

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