Joaquin Niemann on 2024 Start, Strongest Golfing Skills, OWGR, and Rahm's Arrival

"It's been an amazing start, probably better than I was dreaming of probably."

by Sead Dedovic
Joaquin Niemann on 2024 Start, Strongest Golfing Skills, OWGR, and Rahm's Arrival
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Joaquin Niemann is a golfer who has been getting a lot of attention lately because of his impressive skills. The 25-year-old player has been doing really well in golf, winning tournaments and showing his best abilities. In an interview for Golf Magic, Joaquin talked about different golf-related topics.

He had a great start to the year 2024, achieving victories and success in tournaments, which is something every golfer dreams of. When everything is going perfectly in your favor, all that's left is to enjoy that positive momentum.

"Obviously it's been an amazing start, probably better than I was dreaming of probably. I mean, I have been playing amazing golf since the end of last year. And now I mean, to be in this position, playing this good of golf and winning tournaments is something that I've been working on and been trying to do since is obviously turning pro. It's been nice."- Niemann said.

Many golfers joined LIV Golf because it gives them more free time and fewer events. Even during the off-season, they had a longer break than others. Niemann has used this time well and is happy that LIV Golf can provide golfers with the conditions to have free time, prepare properly, and plan their future. Niemann has clearly used this time wisely, getting ready for new successes.

"Yeah, you know, the time off that we have now, I think, for me, it's been great. Because it's such a, I mean, if you're smart with your time, you can create such a good schedule for your year, where you can see where you're gonna be back home, when you're gonna be able to practice. And you know when you're going to be playing tournaments."

Joaquin Niemann on the strongest part of his game

Speaking about the strongest part of his game, Niemann emphasized that it is driving. The Chilean also stressed that he hits his driver farther than any other time. Moreover, he is straighter. For him, it is essential to become even more aggressive and leverage his strengths. He believes that this could be a huge advantage for him compared to other players. In these words, one can feel the confidence with which the Chilean speaks about his strong points, aware that he possesses qualities that set him apart from others.

Joaquin Niemann
Joaquin Niemann© Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Sport

When Joaquin Niemann talked about his ball striking, he said he's really good at hitting the ball consistently from the tee to the green. He mentioned that this has been a focus for him since he was 14 years old, and he works hard on it with his coach. According to him, this skill has been strong for a long time and keeps getting better. 

If you work hard and train every day, you're guaranteed to improve and succeed. It seems that Joaquin Niemann had a special mindset from a young age that pushed him forward. Even when things weren't perfect, he tried even harder and gave his best. The way he plays at the age of 25 is truly impressive, as if he's been a part of the golf scene for 20 years.

When asked about which players he thinks should play at Augusta National, Joaquin Niemann didn't mention names but believes there are many talented golfers with the potential to win big tournaments. He pointed out that some of these players struggle to get into top events due to their world ranking. Niemann hopes for a change or a new system in the future, allowing all deserving players to have a fair chance to compete.

The fact that LIV Golf leaders have reached out to the leaders of the Majors regarding the qualification system can bring joy to Niemann and his colleagues. It will be interesting to see the response of the Major leaders and whether they are truly willing to change the qualification system with the aim of having LIV Golfers become part of this competition.

Jon Rahm and LIV Golf

The arrival of Jon Rahm to LIV Golf has sparked mixed reactions. Many were shocked, considering Rahm was widely regarded as one of the best golfers on the PGA Tour at the time of his departure. However, the substantial offer made to him was hard to refuse. Many LIV Golfers, including Niemann, are pleased with the addition of such a star to the league.

Rahm© Getty Images Sport - Manuel Velasquez / Stringer

Joaquin Niemann shares his thoughts on having Jon Rahm join LIV Golf this season. Niemann mentions that he didn't know Rahm well before, but since his arrival, they've interacted more. He describes Rahm as a great competitor with a strong desire to win tournaments, making him an inspiring presence for all players in LIV Golf.