Transgender Golfer Hailey Davidson's Emotional Reaction to Tour Ban

Davidson was shocked after such news, especially because she was supposed to perform in the next three NXXT tournaments

by Sead Dedovic
Transgender Golfer Hailey Davidson's Emotional Reaction to Tour Ban
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Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson is facing challenges in her career and has just received disappointing news. She's been banned from playing in a professional women's golf tour called NXXT golf. The tour's leaders decided to change their rules, so now Davidson won't be allowed to compete in the future. They now require players to be female at birth. 

Davidson is a familiar face to many, as her entry into the golf scene has caused a huge number of reactions from golf experts, players, and fans.

The CEO, Stuart McKinnon, explained that sports, including golf, evolve. However, he thinks it's important to make some changes to the rules to avoid problems in the future. McKinnon believes that these changes will make sure that all female golfers have a fair chance to compete on an equal playing field.

"As we navigate through the evolving landscape of sports, it is crucial to uphold the competitive integrity that is the cornerstone of women’s sports. Our revised policy is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to celebrating and protecting the achievements and opportunities of female athletes," CEO Stuart McKinnon said, as quoted by

Davidson and the fact that she is competing in the women's category have been talked about for a long time. This has caused frustration and anger among golf fans, who believe that Davidson has biological advantages despite everything. This transgender golfer has made great results lately and attracted a lot of attention to herself. McKinnon emphasizes that the Tour must adhere to certain values for people to continue to respect them and for this Tour to cause positive reactions in the future.

"Protected categories are a fundamental aspect of sports at all levels, and it is essential for our Tour to uphold these categories for biological females, ensuring a level playing field."

Hailey Davidson reacts: Do people not understand how good LPGA players are and how far they hit it?

Davidson was shocked after such news, especially because she was supposed to perform in the next three NXXT tournaments. The transgender golfer decided to react via social media and believes that many golf fans do not understand how great LPGA golfers are at their job and how far they can hit. Despite everything, according to the new rules, Davidson will not have the right to perform at these tournaments, and she will have to look for an alternative if there is one.

“Effective immediately, I have been removed (banned) from the next 3 NXXT tournaments that I had already signed up for and been approved to play,” -she wrote.

"Do people not understand how good LPGA players are and how far they hit it? As a player, if you are upset at me getting to play with my distance (245 yards) then you will never make it to the LPGA Tour where they are that much better and longer than me."

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Davidson said that she won't let negative comments or bans stop her from fighting against hate and prejudice. She's frustrated that some people think she only succeeds because she participates, without recognizing the hard work of female athletes. This 30-year-old golfer has pointed out many times how much she trains and works hard to compete with her female colleagues. Davidson believes that today's golfers are underrated even though they possess tremendous talent.

Davidson disagrees with the idea that any man can transition and easily beat female athletes, ignoring the effort these women put into their sports. Women's golf, just like any other sport, is progressing day by day. To be at the very top, you have to be better than others, and that means hard training, a special mindset, and sometimes luck.

She wants people to understand that when they criticize her, it affects not just her but all female athletes. She believes this negativity undermines and diminishes the achievements of women in sports.

Hailey Davidson and her future: What options does Davidson currently have?

It is still unclear how much respect Hailey Davidson receives not only from her female colleagues but also for her participation alongside them. Based on experiences in other sports, transgender athletes often face dissatisfaction from their opponents, who believe they possess certain advantages. The public reaction tends to be mostly negative, adding pressure to the decision-making process for sports organizations. Davidson remains hopeful that the future might bring about a positive change. While the news has undeniably affected what she has built so far, she finds herself in a position where acceptance of the current situation is her only option. Such changes to the Tour could provoke reactions from many. Let's wait and see.