Steve Stricker's Optimism: Seeking Tiger Woods' Partnership at Zurich Classic

"I thought about asking him to see if he wanted to play in New Orleans at the team event," said Stricker

by Sead Dedovic
Steve Stricker's Optimism: Seeking Tiger Woods' Partnership at Zurich Classic
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Steve Stricker hopes he can convince Tiger Woods to play with him at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. One team event will be held at the end of April, and many are hoping for a real spectacle. There are great expectations from this event. If Tiger Woods is also part of this story, we have no doubt that the excitement will jump to the maximum. In an interview with The Loop podcast, Sricker pointed out that he plans to ask Woods if he is interested in performing in New Orleans.

"I thought about asking him to see if he wanted to play in New Orleans at the team event," said Stricker, as quoted by

Stricker has done great things on the golf scene, and he recalled the moments when he had the opportunity to play alongside the legend of this sport, Tiger Woods. They have many great moments behind them, and Stricker hopes that they can continue like that in the future. It seems that Stricker is not particularly optimistic that he will convince Woods to perform with him, considering that there are still many obstacles for Woods to perform there.

"We had some great times being teammates on some of those teams over the years," said Stricker. 

"I guess I blurted it out loud when I was on a podcast with somebody, I said wouldn't it be cool to get the band together one more time.

Yeah, for him and I to play again. I don't think that will happen, he's got other issues than playing with me, but it would be fun and it's fun thinking about it.

He has a plan to convince Woods of his idea at The Players if Tiger is a part of it.

"You know, I'll see him next week at The Players, hopefully he'll be there and I'll be there, hopefully play a practice round with him. Yeah, I'll ask him."

It is hard to expect that Woods will actually accept this invitation. The injury that is causing him huge problems is the main obstacle for him to return to the world of golf. Woods spoke about his plans recently, stressing that he intends to play as little as possible. His body can't take the effort it used to. 

Tiger Woods
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Tiger is aware that if he pushes his body, he can create an even bigger problem for himself. He must rest, hope that his body can fully heal, and try to return to golf in the future by playing in most tournaments. It is hard to know how realistic this is, but many believe and hope that Tiger can be part of big tournaments again!

Steve Stricker on LIV Golf

One of the topics in the podcast was the controversial LIV Golf, which has caused a lot of reactions since day one. Opinions about LIV change from day to day and are divided among fans of this sport. Stricker is one of those who hopes that the golf world will be united again, and that everyone will play under the banner of one Tour. At the moment, such an outcome does not seem realistic. Stricker, it seems, has certain information that few people know about.

Steve Stricker is hopeful about the future of golf, thinking that the best players from around the world will compete together in about 10 years. He believes the current issues in golf, like separate tours, will probably be sorted out by the players themselves over time.

Stricker mentions that some players from the LIV tour want to come back to the regular Tour, but it's uncertain how things will unfold. Despite this uncertainty, he wishes for a future where players from different tours can compete on the same stage. 

This is what many experts, as well as players, are talking about. The best thing for everyone would be to watch the golfers play the Majors together. LIV Golfers currently do not have the right to play in Majors, but LIV CEO, Greg Norman, sent a letter to the leaders of the Majors a few days ago, with the hope that they will change the qualification system, to enable LIV Golfers to perform.

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Although there are challenges, Stricker imagines a time when the best players globally can compete against each other. He thinks there might be some consequences for players who left, but the specifics are unclear. 

Rory McIlroy, although he strongly criticized LIV Golf, has now changed his mind, and believes that LIV Golfers who want to return to the PGA Tour should not face consequences in the form of any punishment. Given that we still don't have the chance to see such a scenario, maybe the future will tell us whether PGA Tour officials will punish such or allow them to return without any consequences.

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