Shane Lowry Acknowledges Scottie Scheffler's Dominance: Few Can Keep Up With Him

“I was obviously just disappointed I didn’t put any pressure on him early."- Lowry said.

by Sead Dedovic
Shane Lowry Acknowledges Scottie Scheffler's Dominance: Few Can Keep Up With Him
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Shane Lowry has the right to be satisfied with his third-place finish at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, even though he didn't perform well on the final day. The top-ranked player, Scottie Scheffler, won by a large margin. Lowry started the day tied for the lead with Scheffler but faced challenges early in the round, falling behind.

Scottie has once again shown why he is currently the leading golfer on the OWGR list. His qualities are truly something special, and there's no need to spend too many words on it. Facing such an opponent can be challenging. Lowry is aware that opponents like Scheffler pose a tough challenge for everyone, including himself.

There’s probably only a couple of players in the world that can live with him playing like that. Not sure I’m one of them,” -Shane Lowry said, as quoted by Irish golfer

Lowry believes that he could and must have done better, but now it's too late for further analysis. His start wasn't ideal, while Scottie started furiously from day one, demonstrated his qualities, and continued at the same pace. Being consistent is what makes every athlete special. However, Lowry still believes he has the right to be happy with his performance, just like his colleague Wyndham Clark.

“I was obviously just disappointed I didn’t put any pressure on him early. I got off to a bad start, he got off to a good start. I was a few shots behind all at the end of the day. I’m sure Wyndham feels the same. But, yeah, he showed today why he’s world No. 1.”

Lowry emphasized that he was a bit shaken after the early bogeys. He placed special emphasis on the course itself. Shane is a golfer who has always sought to extract the maximum from himself, and this time is no exception. However, he is well aware of how important this result will be for his future, and it will also provide him with additional motivation in the continuation of the season.

“I was a little bit shaken after those early bogeys, I hit a great shot on the second and probably just half a club out, but, yeah, this type of course, it gives you nothing. I was close to being a lot better this week, but another top 5, some well needed, much needed FedExCup points, and on to Sawgrass next week.”

Lowry said that Scheffler played really well, especially when he made mistakes. Scheffler managed to recover from those mistakes, which was important. He also made the right putts at the right times. Lowry mentioned that during the crucial part of the game, things can change quickly, and anyone, no matter how good they are, can face unexpected challenges.

However, what makes a golfer special and different from others is dedication and focus, especially in the toughest moments, even when everything seems to be against you. Dealing with pressure is perhaps the most crucial factor in sports. 

Scheffler has countless times in his career demonstrated that he knows how to handle pressure. This is one of the reasons why he is currently leading the rankings, and it is expected that he will continue to do so in the upcoming period.

Lowry then talked about his own struggles during the tournament, like missing fairways and having difficult putts. He explained that the greens were tough to play on. Although he was focused on doing his best, he admitted it's hard to talk about right after the game. Lowry plans to think more about it in the next few days but overall feels it was a great week for him.

Many things were against Lowry, but for him, it's just an additional motivation to give his best in the upcoming tournaments. Shane is certainly capable of doing that.

Scottie Scheffler is thrilled with the victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

After the tournament, Scottie demonstrated how important this victory is for him and what it will mean going forward.

Scottie Scheffler
Scottie Scheffler© Brennan Asplen/Getty Images Sport

Scheffler shared that even though he had a tough time with putting recently, he knows he's actually good at it. He pointed out that playing golf in real tournaments is much harder than it looks on TV.  Perhaps precisely because of the pressure factor, but also for many other reasons, golf is an entirely different thing when you are on the course.

He stressed peope were talking a lot about his game and how well he was doing, so it felt really good for him to come to this tournament and perform really well, especially when the pressure was on. He is looking forward to the upcoming challenge.

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