Tyrrell Hatton's Shocking Decision-Making Process to Join LIV Golf

Tyrrell Hatton is one of those who had the tough task of choosing the best option for himself

by Sead Dedovic
Tyrrell Hatton's Shocking Decision-Making Process to Join LIV Golf
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Signing a contract with LIV Golf has both positive and negative consequences. Depending on your personality, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and make the final decision. However, this is often not easy. On the one hand, you have the PGA Tour with its history, tradition, and the opportunity to play in Majors. 

On the other hand, you have LIV Golf, which offers you significant money, fewer events, and the team aspect of the game. 

As already mentioned, depending on your character, you will choose what is best for you. Tyrrell Hatton is one of those who had the tough task of choosing the best option for himself. 

He thought long and hard about accepting the LIV Golf offer, aware of the potential consequences. 

In an interview for the Fairway to Heaven podcast, Hatton described how the decision-making process looked and the bizarre way he chose to join LIV Golf.

"I spoke with Jon during that time and to be honest nothing happened in December," he said, as quoted by golfmagic.com

"I was playing the Dubai Desert Classic and that is when we had another call to my agent and we obviously spoke about it after the tournament. 

Then we basically had a week to work it all out and here we are."

By signing for LIV Golf, Hatton immediately joined Rahm's 'Legion XIII'. That is a sufficient indication of how much influence the Spaniard had on his role. The two seem to have a great relationship and hope to play again in the Ryder Cup. By signing Hatton, Rahm expressed his happiness with the arrival of such a player in his team.

"We've come a long way in a short period of time and are extremely proud of the team and brand we are building," Rahm said. 

"Tyrrell is a fierce competitor, proven champion, and of course my Ryder Cup team-mate."

Tyrrell Hatton and Jon Rahm
Tyrrell Hatton and Jon Rahm© Andrew Redington / Getty Images Sport

Tyrrell Hatton surprised many after revealing how he made the final decision to become part of LIV Golf

He had a tough choice to make between staying with the PGA Tour, which has a rich history and the chance to play in major events, or joining LIV Golf, which offers a lot of money. To decide, Hatton used a coin toss, setting a deadline of 7:30 pm on a Sunday night. With the help of the coin toss, he signed the contract at 7:29 pm. Hatton spoke to many people to make this decision, and the coin toss was an unusual but final way to choose.

Tyrrell Hatton on LIV Golf and losing the chance to play at the Majors and the Ryder Cup

This great golfer shared concerns about the impact of joining LIV Golf on his Ryder Cup participation and major championship qualification. 

Every golfer dreams of playing in Majors and achieving success. When starting your career, it's the pinnacle; playing in Majors! By joining LIV Golf, Hatton has complicated things for himself regarding Majors, but he was aware of the consequences of his decision. 

Although he's aware that he can't play now, Hatton surely hopes for changes in the golf world in the next few months. One of the options is certainly a merger, and there's a chance that Majors might change the qualification system. All of these are possibilities for him and other LIV Golfers. In such an environment, it's challenging to expect any quick changes.

He expressed the potential risks and the intimidating aspect, especially regarding his presence in all four majors this year. Hatton emphasized his desire to participate in as many Ryder Cup events as possible, stressing its importance to him. 

The Ryder Cup is a competition where only the best from Europe and the US can play. When you compete in this tournament, you can be sure that you belong to the very top of the golf scene. At this moment, Hatton can't count on participating in the Ryder Cup next year.

He discussed conversations with Luke Donald, the European captain, about these considerations. Hatton aims to be part of the Ryder Cup team at Bethpage, but he stressed the unpredictable nature of golf and the challenges ahead.

The golf world has experienced enormous changes in the last two years. Almost every month we get some new information and news. It is to be expected that such practice will continue in the coming period. At this moment, Hatton, as an individual, cannot change much. For him, the primary thing is to focus on the next challenges at LIV Golf, give the best of himself, and believe that the future holds something better for him and his colleagues.

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