Rory McIlroy on Jay Monahan, Woods talk, SSG investment, and Masters pressure

"I spoke to Tiger at Genesis a little bit, just about sort of everything."

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy on Jay Monahan, Woods talk, SSG investment, and Masters pressure
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Rory McIlroy spoke about interesting topics in the world of golf during the press conference before The Players Championship. According to many, McIlroy is currently the most popular name in the world of golf, and his every statement arouses enormous interest. 

The Northern Irishman touched on many topics during the press conference, and the fans were most interested in his opinion about Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner. 

In yesterday's press conference, Jay Monahan talked about the negotiations with the PIF, the progress of the PGA Tour, and the expectations of the fans. Rory McIlroy immediately reacted to the reporter's question; Is Jay Monahan the right person to be PGA Tour Commissioner?

"Yeah, I think so. If you look back at everything he has done, including creating PGA Tour enterprises which allowed us to accept over $1 billion. Looking at the bigger picture, he deserves a bit more credit. Some of the reaction was warranted, but it's about moving forward and trying to piece the game back together."- Rory McIlroy said, as reported by

Jay Monahan
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The most popular name in the world of golf, Tiger Woods is one that fans hope to see soon. Considering the injuries, it is difficult to see Woods in many tournaments, but we can hope that Tiger will perform in at least a few. 

The most popular name in the world of golf, Tiger Woods, is one that fans hope to see again soon. Considering his injuries, it's difficult to see Woods at many tournaments, but there's hope that Tiger will compete in at least a few. Reporters also touched upon Tiger Woods, and they were interested in whether McIlroy is in contact with him. 

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods
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Woods, although absent from the golf course, is carefully observing the happenings in the golf scene. McIlroy highlighted that he recently spoke with Woods regarding the Genesis. 

The primary focus of their conversation was the progress of the PGA Tour, and this fantastic duo is pondering how the PGA Tour can advance and compete with LIV Golf. The SSG investment may be the best news for golfers and fans of this Tour. The enormous money that SSG will invest could be a guarantee of brighter days for the PGA.

"I spoke to Tiger at Genesis a little bit, just about sort of everything, whether it be the PIF negotiations or SSG and equity and okay, how are we going to -- not we, how is the Tour going to grow and go from two and a half billion in revenue to four billion. 

We're all part of the business now. We've all got these equity grants, so how do we make that equity grow so it benefits the players?"-McIlroy continued.

Rory McIlroy on Signature Events, SSG and Masters

Rory McIlroy thinks that the signature events didn't excite people as much this year as they did last year. He believes fans might be tired of what's happening in golf overall. Rory says it would be better if they changed or rotated the events more often. 

He compares this to tennis, where players have rankings based on one year instead of the two-year system in golf. According to Rory, this would make players work harder and not take things for granted. He also thinks younger players should get more chances instead of some players getting too comfortable.

Rory McIlroy is excited about making golf more fun for fans. He mentioned that SSG will make the experience at the golf course more like a big event, similar to how Formula 1 races feel special. They want to create more exciting events. 

The leaders of SSG have said that they want to make the PGA Tour better and stronger in the future. They carefully looked at it and decided that investing in the PGA Tour would be a great idea for them and their partners. McIlroy listened to what the leaders of PGA Tour and SSG said, and he is pretty sure that this partnership will turn out to be a great thing.

Of course, the inevitable topic was the Masters. It's the only Major tournament that's missing for the Northern Irishman. When asked by reporters if he feels an increase in pressure and frustration, Rory admitted that he does. However, aware that he performed well in his previous Majors, McIlroy is optimistic about the new challenges ahead. 

He doesn't want to deceive himself or the reporters by denying the pressure he feels. Although he knows that such a mindset won't help him, when a golfer of his caliber hasn't won a Major in 10 years, there is certainly a strong desire to go after one.

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