Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour is in a far stronger position than when Jay Monahan took over

Rory McIlroy surprised many with his opinion of Jay Monahan

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour is in a far stronger position than when Jay Monahan took over
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Rory McIlroy has held various roles in the golf scene for a long time. Although everyone knows him as a golfer, and as one of the best, Rory McIlroy had to be, in a way, an advocate for the PGA Tour as well as part of the Policy Board. However, the Northern Irishman, tired of it all, decided to resign from that position a few months ago, focusing entirely on golf and his game. McIlroy realized that his form wasn't particularly ideal, and he had shifted his focus from his game to the political happenings in the golf scene. This added pressure wasn't something Rory wanted to endure.

During a press conference before The Players Championship, McIlroy talked about Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner. McIlroy holds a high opinion of him. Despite Monahan being one of the most criticized figures in the golf world, Rory believes that people don't see the bigger picture and the fact that Jay has done a lot for the PGA Tour.

"You look at what Jay has done since he took over. The media rights deal, navigating us through Covid, the strategic alliance with the DP World Tour," -Rory McIlroy said on Jay Monahan, as quoted by!

"I would say creating PGA Tour Enterprises, we were just able to accept a billion and a half dollars in the business, people can nit-pick and say he didn't do this right or didn't do that right, but if you actually step back and look at the bigger picture, I think the PGA Tour is in a far stronger position than when Jay took over."

In June last year, golf fans and players were shocked after it was confirmed that the PGA Tour had agreed to merge with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf. What is even more shocking is the fact that PGA Tour officials did not inform their players about this deal. This caused enormous anger and rage. Rory McIlroy was also one of those frustrated by it. However, it seems that Rory no longer has a negative opinion about such an option, as well as Jay Monahan's moves.

"I think some of the reaction to June 6th was warranted, but I think at this point it's eight months ago, and we all need to move on. We all need to sort of move forward and try to bring the game back together."- he continued.

Jay Monahan and Rory McIlroy
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Rory McIlroy stressed that if he were a fan of golf, he would love to see the best players competing against each other every week. He thinks it's like the most obvious thing to do, even though it might not be the easiest. 

Golf fans are upset with the current happenings in the golf scene. They are eager to see the top golfers competing together again and enjoy watching them at the biggest tournaments. LIV Golfers don't have the right to participate in Majors, except for a few exceptions. A merger is the only option for golf fans to have the chance to watch the very best. Rory understands their frustrations.

What he really wants is for the golf community to come together and play as one united group. He believes this would make the game more enjoyable for fans.

Although McIlroy once had a negative opinion about LIV Golf, it seems that even he would now like to see the top golfers competing together. Rory wants things to look like they used to, with optimism that it will indeed be that way in the future.

Jay Monahan and merger talks

Merger talks between the PGA Tour and PIF are still ongoing. Although the deadline for the agreement has long passed, their negotiations are still ongoing. 

It is difficult to really determine what is happening behind the curtain, but the fact is that there are some obstacles.

Jay Monahan confirmed on the press yesterday that certain things prevent the final deal, but he believes that these problems will be solved in the future. 

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan speaks during a press conference prior to THE PLAYERS Championship
PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan speaks during a press conference prior to THE PLAYERS Championship© Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport

Monahan believes that PGA Tour fans will enjoy watching golf again, given that certain novelties are in store for them. Jay wants to change his image in the eyes of golfers and fans, ready to do anything to make the PGA Tour a respectable product.

It will be interesting to follow the events in the future. It seems like things have never been this exciting. A lot could change in the next few months. We hope and expect some more positive changes this time. We have no doubt that the PGA Tour leaders want to preserve the best on the Tour and give the fans what they want.

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