Justin Thomas Confident: Denies Potential Asterisk on Players Championship Win

"I mean, it's still been the best field in golf for many previous years."

by Sead Dedovic
Justin Thomas Confident: Denies Potential Asterisk on Players Championship Win
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Justin Thomas is fully prepared for a new challenge in his career, as he intends to repeat the success of 2021; This 30-year-old American golfer intends to win The Players Championship again. 

For several weeks now, there have been stories of individuals, especially those from LIV Golf, who believe that winning this competition will not be as great a success as it used to be. 

The reason for such an opinion? 

Namely, many players who used to compete in this competition joined LIV Golf, the rival Tour of the PGA. In an interview with the media, Thomas pointed out that The Players Championship is a big competition, and there is no doubt that big names are already playing there. 

Thomas points out that everyone shapes their destiny. By going to LIV Golf, they knew what the consequences would be. Therefore, Thomas believes that winning this competition is as great an achievement as before.

"I mean, it's still been the best field in golf for many previous years. You could always make an argument that there's other tournaments that are or are not.

The PGA Championship has been the deepest field in terms of the most top 100 players, and I'm not just saying that for selfish reasons, it's just the truth.

I know what you mean in terms of world ranking and guys that are or aren't on the Tour anymore, but that's just kind of the reality - and what they have put themselves in.

And, yeah, I mean, I'm not going to have an asterisk next to my name for winning this because the field wasn't too good, right."-Justin Thomas said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

The $25 million purse is one of the reasons why many will be extra motivated to succeed, but not Thomas. For him, the primary thing is to win this competition, given its importance. Many call this competition the 'fifth Majors'. 

Justin Thomas stresses the huge impact of various individuals, including PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan, on the future of the PGA Tour. He emphasizes that the changes and progress within the Tour are the result of collective efforts from a large group of people, including players like himself. 

Jay Monanah
Jay Monanah© Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport

It is hard to say that one man determines the fate of the entire Tour. Jay Monanah is the PGA Tour commissioner, but for his decisions, others must give their word and agree. Monahan caused a lot of anger after talks about a merger between the PGA Tour and the PIF, in June of last year. It also left an impact on him, and Monahan had to take a little break to recover from everything.

Thomas expresses satisfaction with recent developments and highlights the collaborative decision-making process involving multiple stakeholders rather than attributing everything to one person. He recognizes Monahan's role but underscores the involvement of a broader community in shaping decisions for the benefit of all involved.

PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger: Justin Thomas' view

Recently, there has been talk again about the PGA Tour and LIV Golf merger. Although it seemed that things would be concluded much earlier and that these two Tours would operate as one, things have magically changed. The investment by SSG in the PGA Tour has raised the question: Does the PGA Tour really need LIV Golf as a partner?!

Their two-year-long conflict has become the main topic in the sports world. Frustrated by the arrival of LIV Golf and Saudi money, the loyal ones who have remained on the PGA Tour have fiercely criticized LIV Golf.

However, it seems they have gradually changed their stance, all with the desire to see the best players compete under one flag again. Justin Thomas appears to be one of those who would like to see PGA Tour players and LIV Golfers competing together in major tournaments.

“Not every NFL game is a Pro Bowl, but it essentially it is, right?” - he asked.

“Because it’s all the best in their specific sport... there’s nothing better than Sundays when you can just sit on the couch and you get to watch some freak athletes go play football and hit each other all day.

I mean, that’s kind of the main thing I feel like is beneficial to fans and is beneficial to us (players).”

Justin Thomas pointed out that the best players in the world should play together more often. This will improve the quality of golf, cause more interest from fans, and at the same time increase competitiveness. The question is, however, whether the leaders of both Tours will find a common language and finally come to an agreement. Optimism is the only thing left for an ordinary fan of this sport.

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