Billy Horschel Wants to See LIV Golfers at The Players' Championship

"If we see ourselves as a fifth major, which I believe we are, shouldn't we, maybe put out a little bit of olive branch?"

by Sead Dedovic
Billy Horschel Wants to See LIV Golfers at The Players' Championship
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Even before the start of The Players Championship, dilemmas arose about whether LIV Golfers should be allowed to perform at such events. Many players who once excelled in this competition are now part of LIV Golf. The fact is that many of them would like to be part of this competition, but unfortunately, it is not possible. PGA Tour golfer, Billy Horschel spoke to Sky Sports about the option for LIV Golfers to return to this competition. Horschel pointed out that he is very attached to this competition, and considers it the fifth major. Horschel is not happy about the fact that some of the best players are not eligible to perform at the Players'. Billy also revealed that he had spoken with Monahan about the option of allowing the LIV Golfers to compete in this competition.

"I don't disagree and it's unfortunate, because I love this event. I'm born and raised in the state of Florida, so this has always been a fifth major to me and I've always seen it as that.

It's unfortunate that we don't have some of the best players in the world here. I did have a conversation with Jay [Monahan] about a year and a half ago about if the majors were going to let the guys that went to LIV, shouldn't we maybe let them in?

If we see ourselves as a fifth major, which I believe we are, shouldn't we, maybe put out a little bit of olive branch? We had a great conversation about that and I understood his side of it and the PGA Tour side, but I think personally it's tough to say that we don't have all the best players in the world here."- Horschel told Sky Sports

LIV Golfers are not entitled to ranking points, considering that OWGR has been rejecting their requests for a long time. Horschel believes that world rankings are not an indication of the current quality of golfers, precisely for this reason. Horschel prioritized the improvement of golf. Only when the best will play at joint events, we can expect the progress of this sport. 

Billy is optimistic that the PIF-PGA Tour deal will be finally finalized. This great golfer is optimistic that in the next year, a lot could change on the golf scene.

Looking at the current events, it is difficult to give the right answer as to what we can expect in the next period. Things are changing at a great speed. Golf is experiencing the biggest changes probably since its inception. Although there are many positive changes, what they all have in common is unification.

Several other popular golfers share Horschel's opinion. Looking at the situation a year ago, the majority did not want to hear about the option of LIV Golf and the PGA Tour unifying. However, many have changed their views for various reasons.

Xander Schauffele on LIV Golfer not playing at the Players Championship

Xander Schauffele is a player from whom there are high expectations at the Players Championship. This 30-year-old golfer is not a huge optimist about the absence of LIV Golfer can help this competition. Schauffele wants a more competitive event, but he is aware that he cannot change much at this moment.

"I don't think it [LIV players not being there] helps the tournament. I think you would like to have those players playing, in an ideal world, but I feel like we're sort of beating a dead horse in this media room a little bit."- Schauffele said.

Xander pointed out that LIV Golfers, and others, knew what would happen if individuals left the PGA Tour and joined the rival Tour. Although there are huge unification efforts, there is still no concrete information about what will happen.

Xander Schauffele
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Schauffele emphasizes the importance of trust within the PGA Tour community, highlighting that words alone are not enough to establish it. While stressing that Jay Monahan may have the backing of the board for certain decisions, Schauffele personally feels that Monahan still has a way to go in earning the trust of the membership.

The statements of PGA Tour commissioners give optimism that PGA Tour officials are really giving their best and want to improve this product. Monahan is aware that he made a huge mistake when it came to the news about the merger in June last year. The fact that PGA Tour golfers were not informed that Monahan was negotiating with the PIF was disappointing for everyone.

This is one of the reasons why Schauffele believes that Monahan will have a difficult task to regain trust. You can feel that Jay is trying to make things right and change. His ambitions are to strengthen the PGA Tour.

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