Viktor Hovland Challenges PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan to Admit Mistakes

"I will want a person like that to take some ownership and say, hey, we made a couple of mistakes, but this is how we're going to rectify it."

by Sead Dedovic
Viktor Hovland Challenges PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan to Admit Mistakes
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Viktor Hovland, although a young golfer, did great things last year and earned a spot on the Ryder Cup team. The young Norwegian and his statements are somewhat surprising considering that he is direct and doesn't mince words when criticizing the PGA Tour.

This 26-year-old golfer does not understand the decision of the PGA Tour leaders and the current situation on the golf scene, which he considers 'comical'. Hovland expected that something would change, but week after week things remained the same.

Hovland emphasizes that he is not someone who knows what needs to be done at this moment, considering that he is only a player.

"The thing is, like, I play golf for a living. I don't know exactly what should have been done because at the end of the day I don't have all the information, and I don't know that -- I can't just say, okay, this is what exactly needs to be done or should have been done," he said, as quoted by

Viktor Hovland is obviously not happy with Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner. Many golfers share the opinion with him, considering that Monahan behaved recklessly towards golfers, especially when it comes to the merger. The Norwegian wants to have a leader who will take responsibility for his bad moves, and strive to change things in the future. This great golfer has the feeling that Monahan tries to deny certain things, and does not want to admit that he made a mistake.

"But at the same time, there were some things that were said that has been walked back on and then things have been very contradictory. As a leader of an organization, I will want a person like that to take some ownership and say, hey, we made a couple of mistakes, but this is how we're going to rectify it, instead of kind of sweeping it under the rug, which I felt like has been done to a certain degree."- he continued.

Jay Monahan
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The 26-year-old golfer believes that everyone makes mistakes, including him. However, it is necessary to accept your mistakes and move in the right direction. Monahan caused the frustration of many with this behavior. His recent statements give optimism that he is ready to change himself and the PGA Tour, but it seems that it is a little late. 

Some have already formed an opinion about him based on all. Monahan will have a difficult task to regain trust.

"So I don't mind people making mistakes. We all make mistakes. But I think when you make a mistake you got to own up to it and say, hey, we're trying to do better here, and this is how we're going to do it."

Signature Events are one of the innovations of the PGA Tour leaders, who wanted to improve the product in this way and create an additional factor of excitement for fans and golfers. It is not known to what extent they succeeded in this, but judging by the statements of individuals, it seems that it is not exactly the best move.

Viktor Hovland reacts to Signature Events

Hovland talks about PGA Tour Signature Events and wonders if they're what fans really like to watch. He's not sure if these events will make golf better in the long run. He's heard arguments for and against them but hasn't thought about it too much.

He also mentions comments from another player, Lucas Glover, who thinks smaller field tournaments aren't as competitive. Hovland agrees, saying that tournaments with bigger fields usually have tougher competition. 

Viktor Hovland
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The Norwegian is not sure what the fans want at this moment. Do they want to watch limited field sizes or bigger sizes? Hovland isn't sure. The Norwegian also isn't sure if the PGA Tour is on the right track, given that many factors will affect the status of the PGA Tour in the future.

 Their main rival, LIV Golf, plays an important role in the whole story. 

A young golfer is not someone who supports divisions in the world of golf. His wish is that his colleagues from LIV Golf and the PGA Tour play together in major tournaments. He calls on important people in the world of golf to take the necessary steps so that golf has a brighter future.

Many are delighted with Hovland's attitude and his thinking. He is one of the golfers for whom many predict a great career and great success in the coming period. We will see if Hovland will realize his potential. His results last year are an indication that he can do great things.

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