Viktor Hovland Reflects on Charles Howell III's Impact, PAC, and SSG Investment

"He took me under his wing, and I just fired a bunch of questions at him."- Hovland said on Howell III

by Sead Dedovic
Viktor Hovland Reflects on Charles Howell III's Impact, PAC, and SSG Investment
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During the press conference before The Players Championship, Viktor Hovland talked about various topics from the world of golf. Primarily, Hovland addressed the chaotic events surrounding LIV Golf, the PGA Tour, and the division in the golf world. One of the topics was Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner, whose work Hovland is not satisfied with.

On a more positive note, Hovland talked about Charles Howell III and how important he was to his career. The Norwegian had huge support for Howell III during his rookie season. He traveled a lot and practiced with him, which was an important experience for this young golfer. He learned a lot from Charles and applied that knowledge to his career.

Charles Howell III
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"I remember my rookie year on Tour I traveled a lot with Charles Howell and his family, obviously ties to Oklahoma State, and their family's just great people. Played a bunch of practice rounds with him, even though he liked to play a little bit earlier than I do."- he said, as quoted by

Viktor Hovland did not hesitate to ask Howell many questions. He knew that if he wanted to progress as a golfer and become a star, it was important to listen to the experiences of older and more experienced colleagues. The Norwegian also revealed what questions he asked Howell.

"He took me under his wing, and I just fired a bunch of questions at him, and he answered honestly. Obviously being out here for so long, it's not about technical stuff or - it's more the smaller things, how you handle yourself, how you handle your business, and just kind of believing that you're good enough to play out there."- he continued.

Perhaps most importantly, Hovland felt accepted by Howell and his family. When you're in an environment where you feel love, trust, and camaraderie, it's a great opportunity to grow and leverage the knowledge of others. The 26-year-old golfer was open to learning and new experiences.

"It's not so much the tips but just being around people that have the experience and they believe in you, they like being around you. I think that just gives you the most comfort.

So I owe a lot to Charles Howell and his family."

Viktor Hovland trusts PAC

Although several times he directly expressed his dissatisfaction with the decisions of the PGA Tour leaders and the happenings on the golf scene, Hovland believes that the PAC (PGA Tour's Policy Board Advisory Council) will do what is best for him and other colleagues. The Norwegian is aware that perhaps he could have devoted more time to the events in the world of golf and tried to understand what the main problem is. 

However, on the other hand, Hovland understands that it would take up his time, and potentially take the focus away from his performances. 

For him, the most important thing is that he has confidence in PAC. Viktor wants to devote more time to himself and his progress, rather than to things on which he cannot have a huge influence.

Viktor Hovland reacts to SSG Investment: I think the players should be paid a fair share

SSG's investment in the PGA Tour has created tremendous optimism among fans and players. Given that the PGA Tour could not match LIV Golf financially, this kind of investment could change a lot of things. This deal will see players handed $1.5 bn in equity grants. Hovland still doesn't know what principle the PGA Tour operates on.

While he stresses the potential benefits of the equity grants provided by SSG, he expresses a willingness to accept the outcome, whether he personally benefits or not. 

Hovland emphasizes the need for a transparent plan that ensures players are appropriately compensated as the PGA Tour expands and becomes more profitable. Hovland admits that he needs to go deeper into the financial details to create a more informed opinion on the matter.

Viktor Hovland
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For him, the most important thing could be that this deal can change a lot regarding the PGA Tour and its future. Additionally, players should earn more money. This investment will be a step forward for the PGA Tour. This will also help to retain some players who could potentially leave the PGA Tour and go another route due to the large financial offer from LIV Golf.

Jay Monahan, PGA Tour Commissioner, hopes that this deal will be a turning point for this Tour. The next few months will be indicators of whether the PGA Tour can indeed have a brighter future, and whether the majority will continue to be part of this Tour.

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