Sergio García about young people and drugs

In a recent interview with MARCA's 'Dodecaedro', Sergio shared his views on various topics from different perspectives

by Andrea Gussoni
Sergio García about young people and drugs
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Franchises in LIV Golf are starting to take shape with sponsors onboard. For instance, the Fireball GC, captained by Sergio García and of which he owns 25 percent, has struck a deal with the English apparel brand Stuburt to outfit them for the next four seasons.

Sergio expressed his excitement about this opportunity, stating that it solidifies their direction and gives personality to the team, which is also beneficial for the League. He emphasized the significance of having team-specific clothing available for fans, which strengthens the connection between the team, the players, and the supporters.

In a recent interview with MARCA's 'Dodecaedro', Sergio shared his views on various topics from different perspectives.

Sergio Garcia, statements

As a captain, Sergio expressed his ambition for the Fireballs to reach the highest level possible, both in terms of sports and as a franchise.

He highlighted his enthusiasm for being part of a team and compared the potential of a golf team to the likes of Real Madrid. Discussing the political tension in Spain, Sergio admitted to not being very politically inclined.

He emphasized the importance of the country doing well for everyone's benefit and expressed optimism about people's love for Spain despite global political unrest. As a Madridista, Sergio commented on the potential impact of Mbappé's arrival at Real Madrid, expressing excitement about the team's young talent and the coaching capabilities of Ancelotti.

Reflecting on criticism towards Nadal's contract with Saudi Arabia, Sergio defended individuals' rights to make decisions best for themselves and their families, drawing parallels with his own career choices. As a golfer, Sergio discussed the growth of professional golf and its ability to handle financial investments, citing increased player engagement during the COVID pandemic as evidence of continued interest in the sport.

Considering Spain's prospects at the next Paris Games, Sergio expressed hope for surpassing previous medal counts, acknowledging the challenges of maintaining top form during competitions. Regarding family dynamics, Sergio emphasized equality at home and his role as a supportive husband and father.

Expressing concern about climate change and societal influences on youth, Sergio highlighted the importance of addressing these issues responsibly. Reflecting on his experiences as a Masters champion, Sergio downplayed potential controversies surrounding champions' events, emphasizing the camaraderie among players.

In a lighter tone, Sergio joked about his tolerance for alcohol and his competitiveness on the golf course. Discussing handling criticism, Sergio emphasized the inevitability of detractors and the importance of focusing on personal goals and achievements.