Jason Day Opens Up: I Lost My Confidence, Needed Training with Chris Como

"I did a lot of good quality work with Chris at the start of the week."

by Sead Dedovic
Jason Day Opens Up: I Lost My Confidence, Needed Training with Chris Como
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Jason Day, dissatisfied with his previous performances, knew he had to change something if he wanted to compete for the very top. His coach, Chris Como, was a key figure for Day to try to improve his form. 

Even before the start of the Players Championship, Day changed the practice he had until now; He decided to train with Chris Como. 

Day fired a bogey-free 67 in the first round, and raised his morale and motivation for what follows. 

In an interview with the media, Day pointed out that he worked hard with Chris at the beginning of the week. As we've already mentioned, Day doesn't have the practice of training during the week of the tournament in which he's competing. 

However, poor performances and lack of confidence were the reasons why he decided to work with his coach. 

Jason confirmed that he has been working on the technical aspects, aware that he needs to improve his game. He is happy that he succeeded in his intentions already on the first day. Obviously, the training came in handy for analyzing where he made mistakes, as well as for progress in certain aspects of the game.

"I did a lot of good quality work with Chris at the start of the week. I typically don't like to work during the weeks that I'm playing but I hit it awful last week, and I didn't know what was going on.

I lost a lot of confidence in my hitting. My targets were way too large. We had a two-way miss going on. When that happens, it's hard to commit to any type of shot.

Just tried to work on some of the technical stuff that we've been trying to get into over the last six months. That's difficult because I've got to teeter on the edge of being a little bit too sore in my back ... I've got to really kind of find a good balance there. I feel like I found a nice balance."- Day said, as quoted by PGA Tour

Day confirmed in a media interview that they had worked hard all three days; Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Jason emphasized that he didn't know how many hours they worked together, but Chris was with him the whole time. It seems that Monday was the day they focused the most on training, ready to ensure a great performance for Day with their combined efforts. Jason took this career challenge seriously and didn't want to leave anything to chance.

Chris Como in 2015
Chris Como in 2015© Sam Greenwood/Getty Images Sport

Jason Day, who ended his five-year winless streak at the AT&T Byron Nelson in May of last year, stressed that winning the PGA Tour's headline event for a second time at TPC Sawgrass will require adjustments. He notes that the tournament's move from May to March brings huge changes, particularly in the style of the golf course. Previously, he used to hit more drivers off the tees, but now it's crucial to focus on hitting fairways due to the softer playing conditions and thick rough. This alteration in the game's style emphasizes the importance of precision and accuracy in his approach.

Day is the kind of golfer who can adapt to different conditions without any problem. Jason is ready to give his best for what lies ahead, aware that this is a good opportunity for him. Golf fans know his qualities well, but lately, Day hasn't been the golfer we're used to seeing. However, we have no doubt that he still has the ability to return to where he belongs and prove that his qualities have never been in question.

Jason Day on PGA Tour and LIV Golf

It's interesting that Day has remained a part of the PGA Tour and shown his loyalty. In an interview with Golf Digest from a few years ago, Day highlighted that he's a player who plays for history, doubting that most others do the same. It's as if he foresaw what could be confirmed in the past two years. Day then emphasized that many golfers play this sport to have a good life and earn money. 

However, he is a completely different type of golfer, someone who strives for success in the golfing world. Jason believes there's no need to react to others' assessments, considering that, like most golfers, he'll be forgotten in the future. For him, the most important thing is to enjoy the present, strive for great results, and everything else will come with time.

Day also pointed out a few months ago that he does not enjoy watching LIV Golf, although he respects some of their concepts. Jason thinks they still lack the excitement factor.

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